The secrets of a perfect date

In the music video «Exhibit» the girl desperately and adventure going on a date. What mistakes did the young lady and what you need to consider that the next date was held.

Секреты идеального свидания

The heroine of the clip made a few mistakes that hurt her to build a relationship with Sergey. She claims to be not for the one who is actually. Agree on a date for the exhibition, though knows nothing of painting and risk to mess it all up. Takes things with a friend. You never know what kind of disservice would have a stranger thing. Shoes may not fit on the block, to emit an unpleasant creaking and threatening to collapse. Gait in these shoes is unlikely to charm your Beau, besides it is unhygienic. Advice in the field of fashion and style, suitable for all women, does not exist. But several important points will help to meet a date and get what you want many. So…

Choose clothes in size

The girl tries to get in tight skinny jeans, but they burst at the most interesting place. More than 50% of women choose the clothes one or two sizes smaller than you need. It seems to them, so they will seem slimmer or lose weight. It is an illusion. The dress is the right size fits well, does not hinder movement and emphasizes the natural plastic. And plastic magic works on men. Recommend proven things that you have already successfully walked, to avoid surprises. By the way, the girl in the video chose the image of casual chic, and is a great option for a romantic encounter, provided that you can boast austere figure of Victoria Beckham. In other cases, it makes sense to choose jeans of a different cut.

Do not panic

In love Affairs is extremely important right emotional mood and atmosphere. Take a bath, think about the person you will meet. Remember that men around a lot, and you have yourself one.

Be yourself

Men read great information. Better to stay natural, to radiate peace and confidence. Insecure, frightened girl — easy prey. Do not use false eyelashes, false hair and all that can fall off at the most inopportune moment. A strand of hair, the heat of the moment caught in the hands of the Chevalier, the eyelashes on the pillow — not the most romantic thing that can happen on Valentine’s Day. Wear something sensual, pleasant flowing fabrics — dresses, skirts, shoes with heels. But in the sneaker to be charming, behaving naturally. The best way — effortless chic, because you have also a meeting with the man lots of work. On a first date is an important element of the game. The main thing is not to look dressed up, as if you were going for several days. Such women are looped on the exterior, act, or trapped, either deliberately theatrical and quickly leave the field of male interests.

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