How to determine that a guy is excited

A necessary condition for a sexual act took place, is the excitement of the man. It arises as a consequence of a desire that originates in the brain. So far, the mechanism of desire and arousal are not fully understood, it is only known that an important role in these processes by hormones. To determine that the guy is excited, you can according to several external signs.

Как определить, что парень возбужден


1. The outward sign of the initiation of men is the increase in blood pressure. Of course, the tonometer in this case, you do not need. The increased pressure will manifest itself in the quickened heartbeat, frequent and deep breathing. The pupils become dilated, but the look like «STEKLONiT» becomes stationary. In these moments many men, the voice becomes more coarse and low.

2. The primary sign of arousal is erection of the penis, which cavernous body is filled with blood, it increases in size – 6-7 cm in length and 2-3 cm in diameter. From filling his blood, the penis hardens.

3. But keep in mind that an erection is not always a sign of excitement. It sometimes occurs in the morning and is related to overflow of the bladder. In some cases, an erection can cause tight jeans, sitting for long periods in a seated position, which prevents the normal circulation. So erections can indicate sexual desire only in conjunction with those signs that are listed above.

4. The man has the desire and, consequently, agitation occurs in visual perception, so consider this factor if you want to stay attractive for their partner or husband. For increasing excitation do not resist to your sexual games were held in low light. Many women are ashamed of their fictional flaws of the physique and prefer sex in the dark, but for men it is very important to see your partner during sexual intercourse.

5. A sign of strong excitation can serve as a focus and the lack of words. The man completely given to pleasure, focusing on visual and tactile sensations. So to take offense at these moments, in the silence you are not worth it, but to restrain their emotions is not necessary – the groans of pleasure emitted by the female during sexual intercourse that can greatly increase desire, of course, if they sound natural.

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