How to be a better lover in bed

Sex is not limited to sexual intercourse. Delightful lovemaking assume the proper environment, affection, words and more. After reviewing all the details of this process, you will be able to become a great lover.

Как быть лучшей любовницей в постели


1. Listen to the desires of the partner. It happens that a man uses the services of moths, since they can realize their fantasies, and with the woman – no. Of course, to talk about their secret dreams hard and even a little ashamed, but knowing the right information you can.

2. Lure your man, make him lose a head from desire and ask exactly what he wants right now. Try to fulfill his desires, but do not forget about your own. When partners are not shy to tell each other what they would like to do while making love, make sex great for both of them becomes much easier.

3. Do some belly dancing, try to learn the art of Striptease. Both will help you learn your body, his dignity, to learn how beautifully and sensuously move. Do the lessons alone, fulfil the most difficult move, regularly train. Dance in front of the mirror, peer into the curves of his body. Allow yourself to open up, become more sensual and less uptight. Over time, you will be able to demonstrate their skills in front of a man, and, believe me, will not leave him indifferent.

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Buy sexy outfits, arrange surprises, use a variety of sex toys. Try to make love in the hotel, picnic etc. If some friends can give you my apartment for one night – take the chance to have sex with her man on foreign soil. All new, unusual care and helps to diversify the intimate life and strengthen the desire.

5. Forget about stereotypes. The number of sexual acts per week and per month, their duration and other indicators are strictly individual. The words, caresses, movement – all this is a fun pair, and no matter how many times and where they make love. Just do what your partner likes and, of course, what you really like.

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