Tip 1: How to pump up the press for two weeks

Bold and beautiful press might have everyone who is able to spend time and physical strength. To achieve the desired result will help well-chosen exercises. Each complex requires a certain physical and time costs, but the result may not always be exactly as you like initially. Not to be mistaken in the selected complex to press first should stay on classic exercises.

Как накачать пресс за две недели


1. If you want to build strong muscles, then you need to exercise five times a week, gradually complicating the exercises, and increasing the number of repetitions.

2. Your feet slightly apart and relax. Strongly tighten the abdominal muscles. Stay in this position for ten minutes, then relax. This exercise can be done moving freely around the room.

3. Stand facing a wall, lean hand. Leave to the side and back right leg, raise your left arm up and arch your back. Repeat the exercise, leaning against the wall with your left hand, leaving the back and side of your left foot and raising right hand. Repeat three times.

4. Lie on your back, bend your legs in knees, hands put under his head, and slightly raise the torso. Exhale vigorously pull your upper body to the legs and the inhale return to the starting position. Repeat ten times.

5. Lying on your back, slightly lift the body. On the exhale tilt it to raised and bent in knees legs. On the inhale bring the body back, feet on the floor keep. Repeat this exercise seven times.

6. Turn over onto your stomach, lean on your elbows, stretch your legs. Alternately lift right and left leg. You may likewise perform this exercise in a circular motion clockwise. This exercise will repeat five times.

7. Take a starting position lying on his stomach, pull the hands forward. Slowly pull your upper body along with arms and legs to the point until you feel tension in the abdominal area. Repeat three times.

8. Sit on a chair, squeeze the feet, the stool, standing in front of you, lift it above the floor. Hold on weight about ten minutes. The abdominal muscles must be tensed. Lower gently the stool. Repeat five times.

9. To help those who wish to pump up the press in a relatively short time, developed a number of programs with different sets of exercises, presented in the form of videos.

10. For best results, contact the fitness center to a qualified instructor who will help you to choose the set of exercises at the press, in accordance with the features of your health and physique.

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