Tip 1: How to remove excess fat from hands

In the struggle for a shapely, toned figure, special attention is paid waist, thighs, legs. But the body was proportional and beautiful to engage all parts of the body. And hands is no exception. Excess fat on the hands makes them unattractive. People who have this problem have to wear clothes with long sleeves even in the warmer months, just to hide this shortcoming. But with extra body fat on hand need and can be combated.

Как убрать лишний жир с рук


1. Stick to proper nutrition. Eliminate from the diet of fast food, fatty, fried, spicy, smoked food, reduce the amount of flour products and sweets. Better eat more vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish. This diet will help you lose weight. Including lose weight and hands. To sit on rigid diets, which is a sharp decrease in weight is not necessary, as it is harmful for the body. In addition, if fat deposits are the hands you are significant, rapid weight loss can form unsightly creases, get rid of them will be very difficult.

2. In addition to proper diet need to be active, move, exercise. If the main problem is the hands, you need to pick a set of exercises aimed at developing and strengthening their muscle mass. You can use fitness equipment in the gym. Well develop the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle will help, for example, a simulator that simulates the rowing boat. But you can do at home. For best results you can use dumbbells or a chest expander.

3. If you’ve never practiced with dumbbells, select a weight of 0.5 kg. Gradually, in process of strengthening of muscle mass, weight can be increased. To avoid injuries and sprains, in the beginning of the training you need to perform warm-up of the hands, neck, shoulders. For neck: turn and move your head in different directions, do tilts back and forth. For the shoulders: rotate the shoulders, first together, then alternately raise and lower them up and down. To stretch your hands rotate them in different directions, make a circular motion brushes, fold the hands behind the back in the lock and hold this position for several seconds.

4. Now you can proceed directly to the next set of exercises. First, you can do some exercises without dumbbells. For example, put your palms together in front of him, as in prayer. Your elbows should be parallel to the floor, hands at chest level. With a force push with your palms at each other for a few seconds, then relax. Make a few repetitions.

5. Take dumbbells. Bend your right arm at the elbow, dumbbells down into your shoulder, straighten the arm. Do this exercise for the second leg. You can bend both hands at once. Do the exercise at a leisurely, sedate pace. Second exercise: lean forward. Hands spread to the sides, bend them at the elbow, bring the dumbbells to the armpit, straighten your arms. And one more thing: extend your arms with dumbbells up. Bending them at the elbow, bringing the dumbbells toward your shoulders, then straighten your arms. Each exercise perform 10 to 20 times.

6. If to cope with her arm fat diet and exercise fails, you can resort to the help of plastic surgery. As a result of the operation can be get rid of excess fat, sagging skin, to make the form more sculptural and beautiful.

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