How to wash fukortsin

A solution of Fukortsin which have antiseptic and antifungal activity, is usually when skin abrasions, superficial wounds, fractures, erosions, pustular and fungal diseases. Part of this solution is Magenta may for a long time to stain your skin, but there are several tools with which you can wash off the substance from its surface.

Как смыть фукорцин

You will need

  • — baby soap (fatty cream);
  • — vitamin C.


1. As with solution of brilliant green, you just have to wait for the substance to come down in the process of life. But in parallel you can try to scrub Fukortsin fat baby cream or baby lotion (all can be purchased at the pharmacy). Just take a cotton pad, apply a small amount of cream thoroughly and wipe the soiled area of skin. Most importantly, do not overdo it, as too aggressive brushing can cause irritation.

2. In addition to the cream you can use hydrogen peroxide and ordinary soap solution. Instead of usual soap it is better economic use, in this case it would be more effective. Occasionally can wash away stains from Fukortsin tincture of calendula (but keep in mind that it is quite sharp and unpleasant smell).

3. Well to remove traces of Fukortsin able vitamin C. you can Buy it as powder in any pharmacy. You need to use 1 sachet (2.5 g) at a time: just dissolve it in warm water and flush the resulting solution Fukortsin.

4. As has been said, makes the drug so vivid and indelible substance called Magenta. Due to its persistence solution Fukortsin is often used in medicine (mainly in surgery) for marking of the skin. Get rid of crimson spots that remain after applying the solution, it is difficult even with alcohol. If not help, try to apply the salicylic.

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