Tip 1: How to get rid of black eyes in one day

The black eye, of course, the phenomenon is not desirable, even if it is received in a fight for honor and conscience. So I want to get out as soon as possible. Moreover, if it is not possible to sit at home until the complete disappearance of the lantern. How to fix a black eye in one day? Unfortunately this is not possible, but just starting treatment, you get rid of a bruise for a few days.

Как избавиться от синяка под глазом за один день

You will need

  • — ice
  • — lead water
  • — the ointment «Caffeine»
  • — salt
  • — chicken egg
  • — cornball
  • — the leaves of plantain
  • bitter wormwood
  • — onions


1. It all depends on how soon you took the first steps to eliminate the bruise. In the first 20 minutes the blood flows from the damaged blow vessels. Therefore, we need to attach to the site of injury cold object, best of all – ice. The vessels will become narrow and blood flow decreases. Then for eight hours you need to handle injury of lead water, it is sold in pharmacies.

2. After eight hours after injury can lubricate the bruise ointment «Caffeine» that stimulates blood vessels and reduces their permeability. Swelling should be significantly reduced. You need to smear in the morning and evening, trying to keep the ointment get into the eyes.

3. The next day, the bruise should be treated with heat. But only after the swelling subsides. For these purposes use a bag of heated salt or a heating pad. Can also be applied to the bruise hard-boiled egg, cool it slightly and wrapped in cloth. The egg needs to keep until it cools down. Warm cells are more active, so the bruise will go much faster.

4. The best remedy for bruises is like a sea sponge. This tool can be bought at the pharmacy. Two tablespoons of powder concoctions to throw in a tablespoon of water and the resulting slurry was put on a bruise, put it on top of a retentive bandage. So you need to do twice a day.

5. Plantain leaves are also used to remove bruises. The juice of this herb has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Fresh plantain leaf is applied to the bruise.

6. To get rid of a black eye in a short time will help wormwood bitter. This requires fresh grass. Need to pound it until juice and a thick layer applied to the bruise. As the drying of herbs, it is moistened with water or replaced with a new one.

7. Less pleasant means for getting rid of bruises is garden onion. But if apart from him you have nothing, apply to the bruise as a compress gruel onion or its juice. Of course, from the strong smell will begin to tear the eye, but they can be close and a little patience. After all the beauty demands victims!

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