Why Instagram is so popular

Selfie, «Luke», traveler-reports – all of this terminology is well understood by someone who uses the social network Instagram. And although social networks have entered our lives yesterday, Instagram still holds the palm. What is the secret of its popularity.

Почему так популярен Instagram

Initially, Instagram was positioning itself as an app for smartphones with easy photo editor and the ability to quickly share your photo with friends. But over time, the network has become not only the opportunity to collect «likes», but also a platform for many social projects and online stores. Now blogger is not just someone who writes large and interesting lyrics. In Instagrame successful blogger can only publish photos with minimum words and maximum of those hashtags. By the way, the word «hashtag» has also become popular thanks to Instagram. And it turned out that this is a very convenient search engine.

What motivates people who post their pictures in social network Instagram. We won’t talk about private accounts and online stores. At first you might think that they are looking for fame and recognition. Someone is looking for, but for example, the accounts of stars of show business called the glory of existing support, even if the «star» that has long been in decline. For likes is a real struggle, you can buy them, to attract them to your page of non-existent subscribers and boast that you have «the thousand».

However, after a small victory and attract followers to another stage – commercial posts. Instagram has long been a platform for sales, fundraising, and social advertising. Popular bloggers earn writing posts for remuneration or barter, the online stores have moved their site from the official sites, foundations and volunteers collect funds for the treatment and arrange trips to orphanages.

But for many users Instagram is the opportunity to look through the keyhole of another life. To see «what they have» and to conclude «I’m not worse.» Others need to throw out the accumulated negative, happy and successful people are excellent for this target.

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