How to promote your blog in Instagram

Social network Instagram has long ceased to be just a place of communication. There you can find the answers to all life’s questions, to have dinner on the house and build the perfect body. Still, the main thing, what I go there people – popular and recognized.

Как раскрутить свой блог в Instagram


1. Your main task in the promotion of your blog – maximum number of subscribers. But the real subscriber must be interested in the content of the blog. Upload photos every day. Make a large portfolio, so that even in the most ordinary day you had good photos.

2. Decide the theme of the blog. Most subscribers bloggers who position themselves in a particular area – fitness, cooking, motherhood, master-classes, sales, etc.

3. Maintain active blog readers. Bring them to the dialogue, strive for great comments on your photos. And do not forget to comment on other blogs. Strive to get more likes and more comments. Such communication makes the account «alive» attracts subscribers.

4. If photography is not your Forte, write interesting texts. It can be your thoughts, discuss situations, some interesting facts. You can share your professional secrets, if you, for example, a makeup artist, a psychologist, or just a mom. Texts should be concise, with the breakdowns, but do not overdo it with icons and «smileys».

5. Try to interact with famous bloggers. Just not worth it to advertise on their page in the comments so you can get in ban. Invite the blogger to mutually beneficial cooperation. For example, the stores usually give the celebrities their goods, and they in return advertise them on your page. Of course, there are celebrities who take money for advertising. Audience beginner «instagrammer» bloggers with followers in the 20-30 thousand people.

6. Share posts with friends. Swipe sfs-marathon. Tell your subscribers about interesting pages of friends, and they in return will tell your. So that there can be an exchange of followers. And this can be done in the spirit of a raffle or marathon beauty with obligatory rewarding of winners.

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