How to connect to wi-fi without a password

Wireless access points can be found wherever there is an Internet connection. To connect your computer to virtually any wireless network if the device is equipped with an integrated or external Wi-Fi adapter.

Как подключиться к wi-fi без пароля


1. Turn on your mobile computer and wait until the operating system is loaded. Check out the activity built-in Wi-Fi adapter. Open the menu «device Manager». To do this go to properties of «My computer» and select the desired menu.

2. In the «Network adapters» locate the device designed for operation with the wireless network. Click on its name with the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select «Enable».

3. If you want to connect to the public network, zero configuration Wi-Fi adapter. Open control panel and select «control Center network and sharing». To display the list of network connections select «Change adapter settings». Just right click the icon of the wireless network. Select «Properties».

4. Open the configuration of Internet Protocol TCP/IP(v4). Activate the use dynamic IP addresses. Select «Obtain DNS server address automatically». Save the settings.

5. After resetting the adapter settings click on the network connections icon located in the system tray. Select the desired wireless network. Click «Connect». Wait for the installation connection with the selected access point. Wait some time until the device will grant your Wi-Fi adapter needs an IP address.

6. If you want to connect desktop computers to a wireless network, use Wi-Fi router. Open the configuration of this equipment and connect to the desired Wi-Fi network. Connect the router to the computers using network cables. To do this, use the LAN ports located on the device.

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