How to delete my account in Skype

Skype is a great program for any kind of communication such as video, chat or a regular phone conversation. But what if you for some reason need to delete your account in Skype?

Как удалить аккаунт в Skype


1. System Skype in terms of account deletion you might be disappointed. In fact, the Skype account cannot be removed in any way. This is due to the security policy Skype. However, there are a number of tricks that can make your login available to search or delete a Skype account with your desired computer.For example, if you do not login to Skype for two weeks, then your Skype account will be excluded from this system. However, if you log in to your account at the end of these two weeks, it will again be included in the search.

2. You can make your profile harder to find in the search, it removed all personal information (city, name, phone, etc.). This will make it difficult for search your Skype account for two weeks while you wait exclude your account from search.

3. To remove the profile data to begin to run Skype on your computer and open the menu «Skype». To find the item «personal data» and choose «edit my data».

4. Clicking a menu item, you get to the profile editing page. On this page, delete all editable profile fields (be sure to click the check mark to save the changes). Cannot delete a Skype name and country, but if necessary you can select another country.

5. You can also remove a Skype profile from your computer. This will not lead to physical deletion of the account Skype, just not the computer will ask you to select the profile on the login page, also erased all Skype settings for that user stored on your computer.

6. Delete Skype account from your computer can be useful if you have used someone else’s computer to log on to Skype and do not want there information on your Skype account.


  • For Windows XP you need to delete the folder located at: C:Documents and Settings_ваш_логин_Windows XP_Application DataSkypeCarelogic



  • For Windows 7 and Vista will be removed folder: C:Users_ваш_логин_Windows _AppDataSkypeCarelogic



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