How to write a message Vkontakte, if you’re on the black list

When you try to write a letter via «Vkontakte» you appear «Message cannot be sent because the user you added in black list», and you really need to contact the person? There are several ways to reach out to the user who has put you in ignore.

Как написать сообщение Вконтакте, если ты в черном списке


1. Please create a new account «Vkontakte». For this you need another mobile number and the mailbox is not tied to the site – according to the rules of «Vkontakte» you can’t have two accounts. Logout on the website and click «Register». You have to specify your name and surname, sex, school, where you studied, and the University (these steps can be skipped if you intend to use the new account just to write a letter), then click «Finish registration». Enter your mobile phone number along with the code. It will come in the SMS message a code consisting of four digits. Entering the obtained code, you will be able to become a new user and write a message. Of course, you have no guarantee that your new account will not contribute to the black list.

2. To remove yourself from the blacklist user, you need to make sure that people passed on the address***, where * * * is your id (you can find it by going to your page and looking in the address bar). For example, you can persuade the friend to send him this link. After the user of the site shall pass through it, it will automatically remove you from the blacklist, and you will be able to write to him. However there is a caveat: he’ll unban you, and, if desired, may deny you access to the page back.

3. This way you can go out and blacklist the group «Vkontakte». Just send the administrator the link***&id=###, where *** group id (it can also be viewed in the address bar while on the page of the group, and # # # is your id. The administrator will also receive notification that it has removed a user from the ban list, but if people on the black list a lot, you are unlikely to be identified and banned again.

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