How to recover deleted messages Vkontakte

The virtual world is gaining popularity among people of all ages. For communication on the Internet offers many services, including social networks, for example, «Vkontakte». It happens that accidentally deleted messages contains important information.

Как вернуть удаленные сообщения ВКонтакте


1. Go to «Vkontakte» to the address To login to your page type on the main page e-mail and password. Select «Messages». In case you need to restore the deleted correspondence with a certain user, you can refer to him with a request to copy the message history and send it to you. This is the easiest option, as people are unlikely to delete your correspondence.

2. If you accidentally delete a message and have not had time to update the page or leave the website, restore it will be easy. To do this, click on «Restore», which appears immediately after the removal.

3. It is possible that you did not delete the message. Check it out. Remember the content of the letter. Then go to «Messages» and type in a search on the right, any word that contains the letter. Maybe you will find what you are looking for.

4. If you need to restore messages from different users, the method above will not work. Open your page and scroll to the bottom. There you will find the line «Help». Select it.

5. Have a look at your email. If the option «Vkontakte» you didn’t cancel the «Notify by email», then look for the right letters there. Of course, if you «cleaned» the box, this way you will not do.

6. You will see a box, write your message for the employees of the technical service customer support. Tell us in the letter that you accidentally deleted your correspondence, and ask about her recovery. You will definitely help, if that option is available. Then don’t forget to check your email Inbox, as there will come an answer from the support service of Vkontakte to your question. Not only need to do this immediately after sending the message, because the employees of this social network every day ask a thousand people.

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