How to decouple the room from the page

If you don’t want to use the phone number associated with your page in social network «Vkontakte», or you need to change it, you can unlink the number from your page. This can be done in two ways.

Как отвязать номер от страницы


1. First make sure that your page was tied to an email address. To do this, go to your page ( and in the section «My Settings» select the tab «Notifications». Below the tabs you will see the entry «Notifications by email». Check to see if there e-mail for alerts (if the page is not attached to the e-mail address, telephone number detach will not work).

Как отвязать номер от страницы

2. To remove your phone number, go to this link: Enter the number you want to unmap from page.

Как отвязать номер от страницы

3. You will then receive a phone message with a code that must be entered into a special field in the «Disable alerts». If the SMS doesn’t arrive within 15 minutes, request the code again by clicking on the appropriate link, or try again later.

Как отвязать номер от страницы

4. After you remove the phone number to go to the page, as a login you need to specify the email address associated with your page. However, when using the page without linked rooms there is one not very pleasant moment: you will constantly receive reminders about the binding of the phone number.

5. You can loose the number before deleting the page (just delete is not enough, because the room will remain attached to it) or link it to another page or to use when registering on a social network «Vkontakte».

6. You can also change the mobile phone number indicated on your page, if you have access to it. To do this, go to «My Settings», choose «General» and «your phone Number» displays the current number, click «Change phone number». Then type in appeared window new number.

Как отвязать номер от страницы

7. After that the two numbers (old and new) will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. The phone number will change after entering the codes on the page «Vkontakte».

8. If you do not have access to the same phone number (for example, lost SIM card), detach it on the page to restore access:

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