How to disassemble Sony Vaio netbook PCG-21311V (VPCM12M1R)

Parse a netbook Sony Vaio, model PCG-21311V (VPCM12M1R) to replace the RAM and hard drive.

Нетбук Sony Vaio PCG-21311V (VPCM12M1R)

You will need

  • — Sony Vaio netbook model PCG-21311V (VPCM12M1R);
  • — screwdriver set.


1. Turn netbook Sony Vaio PCG-21311V (VPCM12M1R) up the bottom. Detachable battery.
Now Unscrew the 6 screws indicated in the photograph. The screws numbered 1 and 2 hold the keyboard, and number 3 secures the hard disk drive. One of the screws that secures the keyboard also locks and skids on the hard disk.
Please note that the screws are in position No. 2 originally taped in black duct tape. Tape almost the same color as the body and is practically invisible. To Unscrew these screws, you will have to remove the tape.

Выкручиваем винты на нижней части нетбука Sony Vaio PCG-21311V

2. A slot with a module of RAM is at the top of the netbook Sony Vaio VPCM12M1R, under the keyboard. This netbook contains only one slot.
Turn the netbook keyboard up. The mounting screws of the keyboard we have already unscrewed, left, gently hooking the keyboard on the perimeter and pulling out the plastic latch from the keyway, a little bit to get her out of the recesses on the top panel. Lift up the keyboard without disconnecting the Flex cable from the connector. After that, the slot of RAM becomes available, and you can replace the memory module with a bigger one or a faster one.

Замена оперативной памяти RAM нетбука Sony Vaio VPCM12M1R

3. To remove the hard drive netbook Sony Vaio PCG-21311V, turn the computer bottom up. The battery compartment acts as a metal loop slide the hard disk. Pull in the direction from the centre, and the HDD goes out.

Вынимаем жёсткий диск нетбука Sony Vaio PCG-21311V (VPCM12M1R)

4. If you need to disassemble the netbook completely, then remove the remaining screws from the bottom of the hull. Unplug the ribbon cable of the keyboard and remove it. Disconnect the 2 black wires underneath the keyboard and running your wireless network card. Then carefully walk around the perimeter and disconnect all the plastic clips connecting the upper and lower lids. And only then disconnect the top cover from the bottom of the netbook to get to the motherboard.

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