As Windows hot keys can increase the speed of the user on the computer?

Using basic hotkeys provided in installed on your computer programs that can significantly speed up the computer.

Как горячие клавиши Windows могут повысить скорость работы пользователя за компьютером?

In the process of work in programs installed on Windows OS, we perform tedious repetitive actions. They can be easily replaced by short pressing special combinations of keyboard buttons, so-called hotkeys.

Let’s look at an example. In text editors it is very convenient to use the select, copy, cut and paste fragments of text the mouse and the keyboard. This is done as follows: to highlight hold down the Shift button, then press the arrow right/left, depending on where the allocated fragment of the text on the left or the right of the cursor (if text is large, also use up/down arrows). Once the relevant text is highlighted, release the pressed button and copy the selected fragment by pressing Ctrl and C. After pressing the combination, the selected text is in the clipboard and ready for pasting into any text document. In order it was displayed, just press Ctrl+V.

Similarly, as in the example above, there are other shortcuts. Here are the main ones:

  • Ctrl+X — cut selected item
  • Ctrl+Z — undo (in some programs you can press this combination repeatedly to undo several actions),
  • Alt+TAB — switch between running programs
  • Alt+F4 — closes the active program or exit all active applications,
  • Ctrl+a — select the entire image or text
  • Ctrl+P — print document
  • Ctrl+S — save changes in existing file.

Helpful hint: you can find hints about keyboard shortcuts that are available in this exact. I suggest to learn at least the basic keyboard shortcuts, because the speed of my work in many programs has increased, work has become easier.

By the way, in many games that require high reaction speed, there are shortcuts which you can also customize to fit your needs. Using hotkeys in games really comes in handy, because to control the character, you can use both hands.

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