How to take a screenshot on a laptop

From time to time every computer user there is a need to capture the contents of screen of your laptop. This is done easily and quickly, and the result is a desired photo.

Как сделать скриншот на ноутбуке


1. To make a screenshot of your laptop, you’ll need to press one key on the keyboard. Key is located in the upper right-hand corner of the keyboard – be it a laptop or regular computer. This key is written multiple not quite understand the letters PrtSc SysRq, and since you are interested in a screenshot of the screen, then you should know that PrtScr is an abbreviation from the English. Print screen, which means literally «Print screen».

Как сделать скриншот на ноутбуке

2. Pressing PrtScr SysRq you place the screen contents to the clipboard of the operating system, and you will only have to save it as a image file.

3. To do this, open any graphics editor – Paint, Photoshop, Microsoft Office picture Manager, Picasa, etc. Create a new drawing by pressing Ctrl+N or selecting from the File menu (file) – New (new) and press Ctrl+V or in menu Edit (edit) – Paste (insert). You will see how your screenshot will appear on the screen. Now you can cut desired part of the image, or save a screenshot like that. To do this, press Shift+Ctrl+S or File menu (file) – Save as (save as). Name your screenshot and save it as a still picture in the desired place on your hard drive.

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