How to enable the webcam in your laptop Asus

Several years ago an interactive conversations at a great distance seemed a fantasy. Not all could afford international phone calls. With the development of computer technology we have the opportunity not only to hear the person, but to see it in real time: using a home computer and a webcam.

Как включить веб-камеру в ноутбуке Asus

You will need

  • The laptop with integrated webcam.


1. The manufacturer Asus tries to do the most comfortable keyboard on their laptops — they save space occupied by the buttons. The principle of reducing the number of keys is that many of the buttons can perform multiple functions, one has only to translate them into a different «mode». Please note that on the Asus laptop keyboard have a special key «Fn» is highlighted. On the other, the buttons also have colored icons. The fact is that when you press and hold the «Fn» command with additional functions of these keys. To quickly switch the webcam on the Asus laptop with the keyboard, press and hold the «Fn» key, simultaneously press the button which is drawn the camera. Next to the web camera immediately the green light – a signal of its activation, and the monitor will open Life Frame.

2. To include the program Life Frame, that is the webcam on the laptop, and mouse. Locate the shortcut to the program on your computer. By default, it is on the desktop. Click on it with the mouse. Life Frame is activated, you can use the web camera.

3. Standard laptops is Asus program Asus Camera Screen Saver. New, just configured the laptop as it is on the desktop. Click the shortcut of Asus Camera Screen Saver, and turn on the webcam. However, this is not the program for photographs and socializing, it is only a demonstration of the web camera Asus.

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