How to view history on computer

Sometimes you may need to find out what is involved in the user at the computer. This can be done in different ways. Everything depends on interests you all, or some specific action (pages that he published on the Internet, correspondence in ICQ or run certain programs).

Рабочий стол пользователя

You will need

  • — Keylogger;
  • Punto Switcher;
  • — a program to recover data.


1. The easiest and surest way to learn everything that happens behind the computer to install any Keylogger. This is a program that tracks all actions (including correspondence in all clients) and even makes screenshots after a period of time. To do this you must install the program on your computer. Set the parameters, hidden from the user and protect the password (and then even if they learn about installing, delete or block can not). Most often, keyloggers are paid.


2. If you need to find the deleted history in your browser, it is possible to do it in the following way. Install one of the programs for data recovery — for example, DiscDigger, Recuva, Handy Recovery or Easy File Undelete, then run it and locate the file Places.sqlite. This will be the deleted browser history.

Программа для восстановления данных

3. If you need to know the history of correspondence in the various clients (ICQ, Qip, Skype, etc.), then find the folder of the desired programs (most often it is in the Program Files folder). It will need to find the History folder and to read the entire story. But this is only possible if the user does not remove it.

История в квипе

4. If you want to see what programs were run on the computer, it can be done very easily. Open the disk, select the WINDOWS folder then Prefetch folder. Here shows the history of all open programs. The folder is not hidden.


5. To view a history of all entered characters are printed on the computer, you can use Punto Switcher. This program automatically switches the keyboard layout from Russian to English depending on what the user writes. Still this program has a convenient option to keeping a diary. There are written all the articles (in all programs). On the diary you can set a password, then view it can only you. Periodically must be cleaned.

Punto Switcher

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