How to enter BIOS on Lenovo laptop

BIOS is the basic structural system of the computer, whose task is to test the computer’s hardware before the operating system starts. The BIOS usually looks like a text table. Navigation through the table is accomplished using the menu keys. BIOS laptop Lenovo allows you to change the connection settings of the devices, as well as choose the source for booting an operating system of the computer.

Как зайти в BIOS на ноутбуке Lenovo

You will need

  • instruction manual notebook Lenovo.


1. Connect the Lenovo laptop to the mains supply. If during operations with BIOS suddenly lost power, it may adversely affect the further operation of the computer.

2. If you don’t have the instructions for the laptop Lenovo, you will have to go online and find out the necessary information on the website of the manufacturer ( This can be done online and downloading instruction in the form of a flattened PDF file. To read this manual, your computer must be equipped with special software, such as Adobe Reader ( or Foxit PDF Reader (

3. If for technical reasons the Internet is impossible, we have to act independently. Turn on the computer and discover the information on his screen. Usually to make life easier for the user at the beginning of the notebook for a couple seconds (just while the BIOS conducts a test poll devices in the computer) there is a hint in the form of a key or combination of keys that you must press and hold until until the laptop will not work in the BIOS table.

4. Note the symbols F2 and F12. It is these keys on the Lenovo laptop are designed to interrupt the ping devices and prevent loading the operating system.

5. Press and hold the F12 button on your keyboard. So you indicate your wish to participate in one of the sections of the BIOS, which is called Quick Boot. This small but important subsection of the computer architecture is designed for determining the priority for booting the computer. Going into the prioritisation table, you can change the order so that after successful operation the BIOS the computer was first turned, for example, CD-rom, then to a USB port and then to the HDD. Similar operations with a line load characteristic for the reinstallation of the operating system on your Lenovo notebook computer.

6. Press F2 to enter the BIOS main menu. Here, the experienced user gets access to the settings of many parameters of various devices. Unlike a normal PC, in the BIOS of the notebook also allows you to:
— set up the security system;
— change the nature of operation of the touchpad;
— corrected display images on the display;
— to calibrate your battery, as well as view the serial number of the device, its motherboard and other equipment.

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