How to find bluetooth in your laptop

To share with laptop information, not necessarily to connect your mobile via USB cable because how to find bluetooth in laptop is very simple.

Как найти bluetooth в ноутбуке

You will need

  • Control panel, keyboard.


1. Please look carefully at the keyboard of your laptop. Most modern models have a separate button designed specifically for direct on the bluetooth function. She looks in shape brand of bluetooth icon which resembles awkward English letter «B» with back tendrils, enclosed in a dark oval. Typically, this button is located on the side of the keyboard.

2. To enable the Bluetooth press. If everything is working, the indicator on the bluetooth button should zagorelsya. Also on the desktop of your laptop, in the bottom right corner, opposite the «start» menu, you should see a small icon (the service icon) and the bluetooth says «Bluetooth enabled».

3. You will also need the knowledge of how to find bluetooth in your laptop without using the keyboard. Just go to «start» menu, «control Panel». Next, look under «Bluetooth Devices». Open this section. In it you will see everything you need to configure devices and bluetooth settings, and for further transmission of messages.

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