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Data recovery from hard disk, USB drives and memory cards — expensive and, unfortunately, sometimes popular service. However, in many cases, for example, when the hard drive was accidentally formatted, it is possible to try a free program (or paid product), to recover important data. With the right approach, this will not entail a further complication of the recovery process, and therefore, if You do not succeed, then specialized firms will still be able to help You.

Below is the data recovery tool, free and paid, which in most cases, from relatively simple, such as deleting files, to more complex, such as damaged partition structure and formatting that can help you recover photos, documents, videos and other files, and not just in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 and also on Android and Mac OS X. Some of the tools are also available as boot disk images from which you can boot to the data recovery. If you are interested in free recover, we can see a separate article on 10 free data recovery software.

Also worth considering that if you restore a database, you must follow certain principles that allow to avoid unpleasant consequences, more about: data Recovery for beginners. If the information is critical and valuable, may be more appropriate to consult experts in this field.

Recuva is the most well-known free program

In my opinion, Recuva is the most «hyped» by data recovery software. In this case, you can download it for free. This software allows novice users to quite easily restore deleted files (from flash drive, memory card or hard disk). Allows you to search for specific file types — for example, if You need the pictures that were on the camera’s memory card.

The program is very easy to use (present simple recovery wizard, you can also perform the process manually), on Russian, and on the official website are available in both the installer and Portable version of Recuva. Confidence is restored only those files that have been deleted and, thus, flash drive or hard drive after it was used. If the flash drive was formatted in another file system, it is possible to recover data from it get already worse. Also, the program can not cope and in cases, when the computer reports «disk not formatted» (although you should double-check how the version of 2016, since the last time I tested the restore in Recuva already two years ago, and today 2016).

You can read more and download it here: data recovery using Recuva


PhotoRec is a free utility which, despite the name, it can recover not only photos but also most other file types. As far as I can judge from my experience, the program uses different from the «typical» algorithms, and therefore the result may be better (or worse) than other such products. But in my experience its job data recovery program does well.

Originally PhotoRec worked only in command line interface that could serve as a factor that can scare away novice users, but starting with version 7, there was a GUI (graphical user interface) for PhotoRec and use of the program became much easier.

Step-by-step recovery process in a graphical interface, also free download the program you can see in the material: data Recovery PhotoRec.

R-studio is one of the best data recovery software

Yes, indeed, if the aim is to restore data from different drives, R-Studio is one of the best programs for these purposes, however, it should be noted that she is paid. Russian interface language is present. So here’s a bit about the possibilities of this program:

  • Data recovery from hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, floppy disks, CD and DVD
  • Restoring RAID (including RAID 6)
  • Restoration of damaged hard drives
  • Restore reformatted partition
  • Support for Windows partitions (FAT, NTFS), Linux and Mac OS
  • The opportunity to work with a bootable disk or USB drive (R-studio on the official website).
  • Create disk images for recovery and follow-up work with the image, not the disk.

Thus, before us is a professional program that allows you to recover data that were lost for a variety of reasons — formatting, corruption, deletion of files. And messages of the operating system that the drive is not formatted, it is not a hindrance, unlike the previously described programs. You can start the program from a boot stick or CD-ROM if the operating system fails to boot.

More detail and download

Disk Drill for Windows

Initially, the Disk Drill program existed in versions for Mac OS X (paid), but recently the developers have released a completely free version of Disk Drill for Windows is capable enough to recover your data — deleted files and photos, information from formatted drives. The program has an excellent intuitive interface and some features that are usually missing in a free software — for example, creating drive images and working with them.

If you need a recovery tool for OS X, be sure to pay attention to it. If you have Windows 10, Windows 8 or 7 and tried everything from free software, Disk Drill also will not be superfluous. Read more about how to download from the official site: free data recovery software Disk Drill for Windows.

File Scavenger

Data recovery software from hard disk or Flash drive (and RAID arrays) File Scavenger — the product that I have recently hit more than others, with a relatively simple test of the effectiveness she was able to «see» and recover the files from the USB drive, the remains of which were not even anticipated, as the drive was already formatted and overwritten.

If any other tool you have so far failed to find deleted or otherwise lost data, I recommend to try this option to be able to come. An additional useful feature is the creation of a disk image from which you want to recover data and subsequent work with the image in order to avoid damage of physical drive.

File Scavenger requires paying a license fee, however in some cases, to recover important files and documents can be quite and free version. Learn more about using File Scavenger, where to download it and about the possibilities of free use: recover data and files in File Scavenger.

Programs for data recovery on Android

Recently appeared many programs and applications that promise to recover data including photos, contacts and messages from Android phones and tablets. Unfortunately, not all of them are effective, especially in light of the fact that most of these devices now connect to the computer via MTP and not USB Mass Storage (in the latter case, you could use all those programs listed above).

However, there are those utilities that can still cope with the task in the best of circumstances (lack of encryption and reset Android after that, the ability to install root access on the device, etc.), for example, Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android. Details on specific programs and subjective evaluation of their efficiency in material data Recovery on Android.

A program to recover deleted files UndeletePlus

Another quite simple software, which, as can be seen from the name, is designed to exactly restore deleted files. The program works with all the same media — flash drives, hard drives and memory cards. Reconstruction work the same way as in the previous program, with the help of the wizard. At the first stage You will need to choose exactly what happened: the files were deleted, the drive was formatted, corrupted disk partitions or something else (in the latter case the program will not handle it). You must then specify which files have been lost — photos, documents, etc.

I would recommend to use the program only for the recovery of just deleted files (which were deleted in the recycle bin). More information about the program UndeletePlus.

Programs for data recovery and file Recovery Software

Unlike all the others considered in this review, both free and paid programs, providing solutions All-in-one, developer Recovery Software offers 7 individual products, each of which can be used for various recovery purposes:

  • RS Partition Recovery — recover data after accidental format, change partition structure of a hard disk or other media supports all popular file system types. Read more about data recovery using software
  • RS NTFS Recovery — similar to previous, but works only on NTFS partitions. Restore partitions and all data on hard disks, USB flash drives, memory cards and other media with NTFS file system.
  • RS FAT Recovery — removing from the first program to recover partitions hdd work with NTFS, get this product, which is useful for recovering the logical structure and data on most USB flash drives, cards memory and other storage media.
  • RS Data Recovery — a package of two tools for file recovery — RS Photo Recovery RS File and Reсovery. On assurances of the developer, this software package is suitable for almost any occasion you need to restore lost files — supports hard drives with any connection interfaces, any kinds of Flash drives, various types of file systems Windows and recover files from compressed and encrypted partitions. Perhaps this is one of the most interesting solutions for the average user — definitely look at the features of the program in a future article.
  • RS File Recovery — an integral part of the above package, designed to search for and recover deleted files, recover data from damaged and formatted hard drives.
  • RS Photo Recovery — if You know exactly what You need to recover photos from memory card camera or USB drive, then this product is designed specifically for this purpose. The program does not require any special knowledge and skills to restore photos and almost all do it myself, You don’t even need to understand the formats, extensions and types of files photos. Read more: photo Recovery RS Photo Recovery
  • RS File Repair — had to face the fact that after you use any program to restore files (in particular images), the output You get the «broken image», with black areas containing strange colored blocks or just refuse to open? This program is designed to solve exactly this problem and helps to recover damaged graphic files in popular formats JPG, TIFF, PNG.

To sum up: Recovery Software offers a Suite of products for recovering hard drives, flash drives, files and data with them, and also repair damaged images. The advantage of this approach (separate products) — low cost for the average user, which is one particular task of recovering files. I.e., if, for example, You need to recover documents from formatted USB stick, You can purchase the professional repair tool (in this case, RS File Recovery) for 999 rubles (pre-free testing and making sure that it will help) without overpaying for unnecessary in Your particular case functions. The price of restoring these data in the company computer aid will be higher and free in many situations may not help.

Download programs for data recovery Recovery Software You can on the official website Downloaded free the product can be tested without the ability to save recovery results (but this result can be seen). After registration You will be available to its full functionality.

Power Data Recovery — professional recovery

Similar to the previous product, Minitool Power Data Recovery allows you to recover data from damaged hard drives, DVDs and CDS, memory cards and many other media. The program also will help if you need to recover damaged partition on the hard drive. The supported interfaces IDE, SCSI, SATA and USB. Despite the fact that the utility is paid, you can use the free version allows you to recover up to 1 GB of files.

The data recovery software Power Data Recovery present opportunities to search for lost partitions on your hard disks, finding the right file types, and supported the creation of hard disk image in order to carry out all transactions not in physical form, thereby making the recovery process safer. Also the program can make a bootable USB flash drive or disk and to restore with them.

Also remarkable for convenient preview of the found files are displayed (subject to availability) original file names.

Read more: program for file recovery Power Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix is another great ON

Program Stellar Phoenix allows you to search and recover 185 different file types from a variety of media, be it flash drives, hard drives, memory cards or optical discs. (Recovery RAID). The software also allows you to create a restorable image of your hard disk for better efficiency and security the data recovery. The program provides a convenient preview of found files, all these files are sorted in the tree view on the types, which also makes things easier.

Data recovery Stellar Phoenix by default with a wizard offering three-point — restore hard disk, CD-ROM drive, lost photos. In the future, the wizard will take you through recovery, making the process simple and understandable even for novice computer users.

Read more about the program

Data Rescue PC — data recovery broken computer

Another powerful product that allows you to work without loading the operating system when a damaged hard disk. The program can be run from a LiveCD and allows you to do the following:

  • To recover any types of files
  • To work with damaged drives, drives that are not mounted in the system
  • Recover data after deleting, formatting
  • RAID recovery (after installing the individual components of the program)

Despite a professional set of features, the software is easy to use and has an intuitive interface. The program can not only recover data but also to retrieve from the damaged drive that stopped to see Windows.

For further information about the programme can be read here.

Seagate File Recovery for Windows — recover data from hard disk

I don’t know, out of habit, or due to the fact that really convenient and efficient, I often use the program from the hard drive manufacturer Seagate File Recovery. This software is easy to use, works not only with hard drives (not just Seagate), as indicated in the title, but also with any other media. When it finds the files and when in the system we see that the disk is not formatted, and when we formatted USB flash drive and many other common scenarios. Thus, in contrast to several other programs, restores damaged files in the form in which they can be read: for example, when restoring photos some other software, corrupted the photo cannot be opened after it has been restored. If you use Seagate File Recovery this the photo opens, the only — perhaps not all of its contents can be seen.

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7 Data Recovery Suite

Will add to this review another program, which was diagnosed in the fall of 2013: 7-Data Recovery Suite. First of all, the program features a convenient and functional interface in Russian language.

The interface of the free version of Recovery Suite

Despite the fact that in that case, if you decide to stay on this program, you will need to pay for it, You can still download it for free from the official website of the developer and without any limitation to recover up to 1 Gigabyte of various data. Supports work with files that are deleted, including not to cart documents as well as recover data from incorrectly formatted or corrupted hard disk partitions and flash drives. A little experimenting with this product, I can say that it is really comfortable and in most cases properly doing its job. Learn more about this program you can read in the article data Recovery in 7-Data Recovery Suite. By the way, at the developer’s site you will also find a beta version (which, incidentally, works well) that allows you to restore the contents of the internal memory of Android devices.

This will complete the story about data recovery software. I hope someone will find it useful and will return some important information.

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