Trichomoniasis in women: first symptoms and treatment drugs

Delaying necessary treatment «for later», people don’t always think about the resulting consequences. The beautiful half of humanity should not limit yourself from periodic trips to the gynecologist, to protect themselves from diseases and possible risks. Trichomoniasis is threatened by incurable consequences if in time not to treat right. How does trichomoniasis in women what are the signs of the disease and types of treatment used?


What is trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis – the disease caused by the pathogen, which is adapted inside the body, outside of it he dies. Harmful to trichomonads is increased and the temperature, except the human heat during the illness. Leaking the disease may be asymptomatic (especially in men). In women, irritation of the vagina, profuse discharge of yellow or greenish color.

Launched chronic trichomoniasis, according to studies, affects the fallopian tubes, the cervix, which negatively affects the reproductive function (infertility, bad pregnancy occurring). The lack of treatment leads to disruption of the bladder, kidney and inflammatory processes in the mucous membrane of the vagina. Possible additional infectious diseases, HIV infection and infection of the mouth or lungs.


The symptoms of trichomoniasis in women

In case of defeat of men’s bodies, trichomoniasis may pass asymptomatic. Women’s disease is different. When the incubation period of trichomoniasis (lasts up to 20 days) ends, there is a certain symptoms of the disease. The first signs of trichomoniasis:

  1. Severe itching, burning of the skin of the external genitalia.
  2. Copious frothy discharge from the vagina consistency yellow, grey, greenish or brown.
  3. The unpleasant pungent odor of secretions.
  4. Inflammation of the mucous surface of the vagina.
  5. Painful sensations when passing urine, all kinds of dysfunction of the urethral channel.
  6. Pain in the lower abdomen.
  7. Discomfort, burning, pain during sexual intercourse.

All the above features are the main for trichomoniasis, but they may signal and the presence of other infections or sexually transmitted diseases. Sometimes the symptoms of the disease is very weak, slight discomfort in the abdomen, weak selection, on which the woman wasn’t even paying attention, pushes the thought of visiting a gynecologist on the second plan, which worsens the situation. To confirm the presence of the disease can only be a specialist by means of laboratory analysis (swab) and diagnostics.




Just because the disease does not occur, its development is preceded by infection with Trichomonas. Causes of infection:

  1. The major cause of the disease is unprotected sexual contact with an infected person. As a result, the eggs contained in the semen or vaginal secretions, is transmitted to a healthy person.
  2. Unlikely to get infected household waste, but to eliminate that option: the bacterium remains viable in a moist environment.
  3. Trichomoniasis is passed from mother to child during pregnancy or childbirth. Very often infected girls whose mothers were carriers of the disease during pregnancy.


The consequences

For women worried about their health and their children need careful diagnosis and treatment of the disease. This disease is not only unsightly lesions on the photo, but the deviations in the correct functioning of the body. The natural environment of the vagina is disturbed the causative agent of Trichomonas and dangerous diseases.

  • tubal infertility;
  • spontaneous abortion;
  • the birth of a child with low weight;
  • premature birth;
  • genital herpes;
  • cervical cancer.


Than to treat trichomoniasis

Treatment of trichomoniasis in women is appointed by the doctor individually, in accordance with the stage of development of the disease. It is worth considering the physiological characteristics of the female organism and type of infection. How to treat trichomoniasis in women? Basic rules:

  1. The use of antibiotics is not effective.
  2. Treatment must pass both partners.
  3. Therapy includes group renewed nitroimidazole for internal use.
  4. Drinking alcohol during treatment is prohibited.
  5. Externally, as an adjuvant, use of medications formulated as gels, suppositories, creams.
  6. Chronic diseases accompanied by vaccination «Solkotrihovakom».
  7. Pregnant, you need to carefully study the manual of medicines and to fulfil the prescription to cure the disease without harming the baby.



With regard to the selection of medicines, the treatment is carried out using several types of drugs:

  1. «CIVPOL» – the solution for outdoor applications antimicrobial action. Destroys viral pathogens.
  2. «Furazolidone», a synthetic drug. The release of drugs is made in the form of tablets, granules and powder. Antimicrobial activity of the chemical component of the drug acts on the manifestations of various infectious lesions, including trichomoniasis in women.
  3. «Pasigin» – the pills that suppress the development of trichomoniasis, giardiasis, amoebic dysentery.
  4. «Metronidazole» – the drug is available in the form of capsules, tablets for internal use, syrups, vaginal suppositories, solution for infusions.
  5. «Trihopol» – intravaginal tablets.



Each suppository contains active substances and additional components. The main active component acts on the pathogenic infection, and additional restore vaginal flora. Candles from trichomoniasis for women:

  • «Metronidazole» is effective, but addictive.
  • «Arnise».
  • «Osarbon» – prevents all risks of development of infectious diseases.
  • «Neotribal» – has an antifungal effect and the destruction of trichomoniasis.


Folk remedies

Connoisseurs of folk medicine offer for the treatment of trichomoniasis to use regular onions. Remove onion from the husk, wash the dishes and need a grater with boiling water. To grate the onion, then pass the juice through cheesecloth and pour 1,5 liters of clean water, previously boiled and slightly cooled. This solution before going to bed do douching a day or two or three times, until the disappearance of symptoms.


Video about Trichomonas in women

Unprotected sex a woman can surprise with not very pleasant moment – trichomoniasis. The disease agent completely innocent, even dangerous, if not to begin the necessary comprehensive treatment. What is Trichomonas and how to recognize symptoms and to suppress the development of disease? Prevent negative consequences in time!


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