How to make a paper car origami with their hands: diagram and video

In childhood for us to do some paper crafts was a very exciting experience. In the 21st century, the era of computers, we have forgotten about the basic games that will cause our children to break away from a favorite computer. One of the most popular forms of paper craft have been models of cars. They can be glued together from different parts, folded using a single sheet of paper to create origami-cars without scissors and glue, and then paint, mimicking the color of Formula-1. Consider several options how to make a paper machine.


Machine origami paper

Crafts origami is so versatile in its manufacture that they are folded from any sheet having a rectangular shape, like a newspaper, notebook or landscape page. Paper cars for kids used for exciting competitions. Depending on the surface, playing, coaxing clicks back paper machine, or blow, moving the car forward. This substitution, at first glance, impossible to do, but following the drawings and instructions, everything will work out without too much difficulty. How to make a machine with their hands:

  • To manufacture a racing car, you need to take a rectangular piece of paper.
  • Bend one side of the bars on the square.
  • To fold diagonally and fold the cuff of the squares.
  • Bend the lugs, flip the blank on the other side and bend the side pieces.
  • To stick out from the back of the machine up and tuck the lugs into the pockets of bent parts.



Model cars made of paper with their hands

Around us, there are plenty of materials for constructing your model car. Used various means at hand: paper, cardboard, wooden skewers or toothpicks (for the wheel axle). Most importantly in this case – your imagination. Cardboard boxes are also suitable for use as a material for creativity. Finishing touches to the layout of the car, you can bring paints, markers or stickers. Next, consider how to make model cars.


Modeling paper cars

Make the machine with your hands is very simple. For this use, for example, cardboard boxes. However their size will depend on the scale of your layout. For this we will need the following materials:

  • box;
  • adhesive tape;
  • adhesive;
  • scissors;
  • double-sided tape;
  • wooden skewers;
  • transparent plastic bottle.

In order to understand how to make cardboard car, follow simple step-by-step instructions for aviamodelirovaniye:

  • On the sides of the box draw a door, after scissors cut out the holes for Windows.
  • Cut out the door so that there remained a part closer to the hood of the car. We have working doors.
  • Take thick cardboard and cut out 8 circles conduct bonding 2. Turned out the wheels for our car. The more of these circles to glue, so they are stronger and thicker.
  • In the center of each wheel make the hole.
  • Fasten with skewers wheel, cut a hole in the bottom of the machine.
  • On the front of the box cut a hole for the windshield, glue transparent plastic (cut from an ordinary transparent plastic bottle).
  • Cut a rectangle of cardboard and fold it about one third. Fasten using double-sided tape. Seat ready.
  • Register the car on your own – coloring paints, markers, colored cardboard pasted over.

To create these kits may prove to be the round cardboard from the base of the toilet paper. It will be the basis for the wheels or body for racing retrouve. Step by step instructions, how to make a paper car:

  • First, clean the adhesive residue from the cylinder.
  • Then paint the surface with watercolor.
  • Cut a round shape out of cardboard, to seal the holes in the cylinder.
  • Make holes in the casing in order to insert toothpicks. They fix the pre-cut cardboard circles. The wheels are ready.
  • On top of the car make a semicircular cut so that by tilting the cut out part, you get the simulated windshield and seat for the driver.


Paper sweep vehicles

Online there are a huge number of paper templates. Among them there are the drawings of the cars as firefighters, police and racing. They submitted in the form of patterns that are very easy to work with. All you need to do is:

  • Find the right car.
  • To print a drawing.
  • Glue the printout onto cardboard.
  • Cut according to markings.
  • Start assembling and gluing machines.
  • The layout of the car is ready.


Video: machines of paper with their hands

To collect the car origami model or scheme for beginners can seem daunting undertaking. In order to eliminate ambiguities in the collection of certain models of car paper, we offer links to video tutorials on «How to make paper cars». Here you will find a detailed description of Handicrafts cars for an exciting family leisure and development of creative abilities of your child:






Model car made of paper


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