Knitting Slippers knitting – step-by-step master class with photo

House person wants to feel comfortable and cozy. Special importance was attached to the Slippers. They create a very homely atmosphere. Knitting Slippers knitting a simple way to create a favorite thing handmade, which will allow you to experience the unique comfort of home. Tie Slippers for yourself, men’s, children’s, following our detailed step by step instructions and carrying out all these recommendations.


Prepare materials and tools

For knitting Slippers, you will need spokes. Their thickness depends on the selected type of binding. Slippers to lace fit spokes thick, but dense and durable podotheca need to knit on thin needles.

We carefully choose the yarn. It should be durable, not fade, no shedding and be pleasant to the touch. Knitting baby Slippers is necessary to pay attention to the slipperiness of the finished product. Suitable are threads with the addition of synthetics. Pure wool will be barbed and slippery. The spokes may be on the line or straight. The article will also consider how to knit Slippers on the five spokes.

You will also need a tape measure, hook, Gypsy needle. For insole – thick fabric, preferably a felt or leather.


Determine the size of the product

Selection of size of child or adult depends on how you will fit in Slippers. The traces are measured exactly the same as socks. In this case, you can use the standard schema definitions of the loops for knitting socks.

In other cases, when using a thick sole knitted Slippers or other method, the size is determined by Shoe size. You can measure the circumference of the ankle, and elevation. To add up these two numbers and divide by two. The number of loops is calculated depending on the density of the knitting, which is determined by the sample.


Knitting Slippers knitting based on: step-by-step master class with photo

Easiest way to knit homemade Slippers based. The best option for the foundations will be felt insole. Can trace foot on paper and on the resulting pattern to cut out two soles. Please note that they must be symmetrical. Put the finished insole in a side and begin to knit Slippers knitting follow simple staged scheme:

  • To create Slippers 36 feet size we print on the spokes 42 of the two loops. Knit garter or front viscous 1.5-2 cm.
  • Divide the loop into 4 parts: extreme-quarters left on the needle, and the middle, there are 20 loops continue to knit.
  • Continue to knit only at the middle. Can change the thread or to select a picture. Knit until the length of the product reaches end of little finger.
  • If you used a different thread, tear off the end. Continue knitting with the same yarn, and started. Along the resulting rectangle recruited 25 loops.
  • Generated by the toe. Unfinished knitting the rows as long as there will be four loops. Continue knitting, typing a loop on the edge on the second side of the rectangle.
  • Provyazyvaem selected viscous 6-8 rows to create the height of the future product.
  • This can finish knitting. But before you close the loop, try the stocking on the leg — closing the associated blade foot. If not, then so crochet another few rows.

Closing all the loops, you can start collecting Slippers. To do this, using Gypsy needle and thick thread sew knitted fabric to the insole. Simultaneously, sew up the seam on the heel. So, for the right knitting technology in just the short period of time you bind comfortable and warm Slippers.



Slippers-traces with embroidery

There is another way to create Slippers. In this case, a seamless technology of knitting socks, but without gum. To perform, follow the description:

  • You need to get the right number of stitches for a quick crochet Slippers-sledkov (depending on the counting by table).
  • Knit 2-3 rows of the stitch and proceed to the formation of the heel. Put two needles and continue working on the other two. Vivasyan the height of the heel.
  • Begin to knit two loops together on each side to create the wedge heel.
  • Once all the side loops will be closed, making the set of edge loops and continue knitting in a circle.
  • For the formation of the desired size do removal in the even rows in the 1st and 3rd needle.
  • Dokazyvaet to the desired length – the product must be covered by the little finger or up to the bones of the thumb.
  • Closed on 1st and 3rd needle in 2 loops in the even rows until then, until the number of loops decreases by half. Continue to turn to the even-numbered and odd-numbered rows. The remaining four loops are contractible thread.
  • Ready-to-deal-Slippers decorated with embroidery. You can use thread or floss colored yarn. Easier to do it using Gypsy needle. Pattern choice depends on your desire.

Tip: do not place the embroidery so that the threads were in the area of contact of the imprint with the floor, i.e. on the sole or the side parts.

This technique will be especially familiar to those who are already knitting socks. But for beginners and knitters to create a deal should not be difficult. If you have any questions on this technique, to find the answers to them you can in our video.


Children’s Slippers or a flight of fancy

Knitting baby Slippers is a separate issue that requires not only a well-developed imagination, but also great skill. You can link the tracks and just decorate them with embroidery, print and appliques. If skill allows, then moms will arise a great idea to associate the baby Slippers in the form of faces, animals or any other form. Slippers, made of fine openwork knit baby might even sleep

When choosing a model keep in mind the tastes of your child. For a boy of unusual and beautiful bundle in the form of a sneaker-tank.

Cool idea footie socks for girls in the form of small animals — a hedgehog, dogs or the paws of a tiger. If a girl goes to a dance, then a beautiful and stylish solution would be knitting cheshek. The child had unusual pereobuvku pair of shoes for school, take the trouble to weave for him ballet flats. Technique of shoes difficult, but after some training you will be able to associate such a product. A great gift idea for the new year is for baby Slippers, associated with their hands in the shape of Christmas trees.

But the most exciting thing for you will be knitting Slippers for babies. This is a unique model that seem complicated only at first glance. To create them can use the above master class, which will help you very much.

Decorate Slippers, anything. The simplest method is the embroidery threads, as described above. Models look great with the applique. Can make a bulk application and create interesting faces or flowers.

Skilled seamstresses craft decorate Slippers, a pattern associated with lace, sequins, beads and stones. They can be located on the edge of the product or on its upper part. Thanks to these techniques, you will be able to do fancy Slippers, even with a minimum of skill.

Look particularly attractive Slippers, knitted using an intricate pattern. Equally interesting multi-colored models.


  • During the knitting of Slippers use of dense filaments, which cannot be divided into individual fibers.
  • In the area of the tip and heel of the craft can strengthen the wedges by adding a second synthetic yarn.
  • Do not make the tracks free. Having a short length, they will sleep with legs. To prevent this, you need to knit a couple of rows tight elastic band and then continue knitting according to the scheme.
  • For embroidery, use thread that doesn’t shed. Take the time to pre wash the piece of yarn and RUB it on a white canvas. If trace is left, feel free to use the threads for embroidery. The same applies to the application. The fabric should not fade, otherwise your Slippers after washing will be less attractive.
  • The most practical are the Slippers on the soles. For winter evenings you can link traces or Slippers, using the toe technique, and finished product to enhance insole, sewn on top of knitted fabric. These Slippers will last you a long time. They are particularly suitable for men and children. In the latter case, try to use a non-slip fabric. The ideal option would be leather or rubber sole.

If step-by-step master class for you is too difficult, suggest you try to learn to knit Slippers following the instructions of the tutorial. You can watch the video until the end, Satem to stop at any convenient place, and if you want to view it again and again. Sure there is a video you will be able to learn a new hobby, create any Slippers, not only for themselves but for all their loved ones.


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