How to cure bacon in brine – the best recipes

Fat is a truly popular product, people for centuries used it in salted, smoked and raw. Sometimes fat becomes the basis of dishes. For example, it is used for stewing vegetables, smoked pork chops and loved by many in soups, stuffed meat fat for more juiciness. How to cure bacon in brine? Ways of curing fat a lot. Here are the best recipes.

Classic recipe: pickle in Ukrainian

This recipe is considered a true folk classic in cooking. Salt fat in this method at home will be simple and at the same time the product will have a delicious and juicy.

  1. Take 1 — 1.5 kg of bacon and cut it so as to obtain a long and large wedges.
  2. Enamelware dissolve liter of boiled cold water with two tablespoons of salt (preferably sea), one tablespoon of pepper, 6 peas of black pepper, a few Laurel leaves and chopped garlic (6 cloves).
  3. Prepared in a spicy brine place the cubes of bacon and place on top of some cargo.
  4. Put the dishes in the refrigerator for three days.
  5. Then remove the lard, drain it again and season with fresh garlic.

Store product both during and after the pickles are best in the freezer, pre-packaged the cubes in a plastic bag or in tissue.

Dry salting bacon

This method of salting you will need a dry mixture of salt and spices.
Manual preparation:

  1. Prepare the product, cut it into small pieces lengthwise so they can be salted carefully.
  2. Prepare a mixture of two tablespoons salt, one teaspoon of sugar, 1 g of ammonium nitrate, one teaspoon of ground black pepper.
  3. Thoroughly RUB the mixture fat.
  4. Tightly place the product in a container, ideally made of wood.
  5. Between the slices lay the Bay leaf and finely chopped garlic for flavor.
  6. Cover the top of the product load.
  7. Keep the product in the refrigerator for three weeks.
  8. Definitely one every 4 days the pieces shift places with each other and RUB the mixture again.

To store fat you need in the freezer, pre-dried and Packed separately each piece.
Note: if in the process of salting at the bottom of the tank formed a liquid, do not worry. Salt is able to “deflate” fat from the water. If the finished product was not salted enough, it is possible to deality it and put on a few days to sink in.

As the fat is salted in brine “brine”

Method of curing bacon in brine “brine” retains the taste of the product for a long time, and it does not appear yellow tint.
On the photo products that you will need for clogging fat in brine «brine»:


  • To make the marinade, take a liter of water, boil, add a Cup of salt.
  • Wait until the salt has dissolved, then remove the brine from heat and let it cool down.
  • Bacon cut into small pieces and begin to stamp in a 3-liter jar.

  • Take out spices ground black pepper, chopped garlic and Bay leaves and place it all between layers. Adding spices will add spice to pork product. Try to leave some space after each piece to lay the product is not too tight and not “choked”.

  • Pour in 3-liter jar brine, then loosely cover with the marinade cover.

Soak the bacon in brine for a week at room temperature.

Salt fat in Belarusian


  1. Mix two tablespoons of salt, one teaspoon sugar, add to the mix a teaspoon of cumin and cardamom, broken there a few Bay leaves. If you want to pepper mixture.
  2. Bars sliced pieces of bacon grease passed through the press a clove of garlic, then RUB them with a mixture.
  3. Salt product is best 5 days in a glass container in a cool dark place (not the refrigerator!). Don’t forget once a day flip the pieces.
  4. After five days send a container of lard in the fridge for another week. Every two or three days turn the pieces.

Very tasty ready to serve bacon with a piece of black bread, garlic sauce, mustard or any other hot dish.

A recipe for salting bacon following a Transcarpathian

To try real fat Zakarpattia, you must learn it properly satalite. The cooked product becomes fragrant, sweet and soft. In people, this method of salting is called «pepper».

Method of preparation:

  1. The slices of bacon RUB crushed garlic and salt. Guided by eye, but the layer of salt on the product must be impressive.
  2. At the bottom of the pot, which will be salting, pour a layer of salt about 1 cm thick.
  3. Put the lard and pour it on top of salt.
  4. Cover the pot with a mug, place in the refrigerator, keep there for 20 days.
  5. After this time, remove the fat, it will clean off with salt and steep in water at least three hours.
  6. The next and final stage – cooking. Cook the product on a slow fire followed by two to three hours.
  7. Then remove the fat, refrigerate it and RUB with a mixture of crushed garlic and pepper. Leave to prepare and up to 3 days.

Great cold appetizer is ready (see photo)! For this snack is ideal to boil a potato, serve with green onions.

Salt fat wedges

Condiment for salting bacon wedges follow the guidance:

  1. Take a pan and pour on the bottom of the large sea salt.
  2. Bacon cut into long, wide (about 15 cm) strips, RUB them with salt and lay the skins down.
  3. Sprinkle the product with a thick layer of salt mixed with a teaspoon of cumin and ground pepper.
  4. If desired, add the broken Bay leaf and finely chopped garlic.
  5. Marinate the chicken and heat for five days, then move to permanent storage in the freezer.

How to choose the right product for pickling?

When choosing fat in the store or on the market pay attention to the following points:

  1. Perfect for pickling will be a small piece (about 2.5 cm) side or the dorsal side of the carcass.
  2. Better not to buy fat taken from the abdominal part of carcass pigs. Not worth buying and brisket. In the area of the belly passes sinewy film, and the fat will be very hard.
  3. Beware of the product is greyish or yellow, this fat certainly was part of the old, sick animal. Fresh and tasty fat pig has a nice pale pink color, and its layer does not stick to hands.
  4. When buying fat, smell it. If you are trying to sell a fat pig, you immediately experience the specific, sharp and very unpleasant odor.
  5. You should consider and skin. It should be fine, pleasant pinkish or yellowish hue. On the certified product is definitely worth the mark.

Useful tips on salting fat

Be sure to note some of the popular tricks that are passed down from generation to generation:

  1. Select for pickling fresh and soft fat with a neat skin.
  2. Before pickling be sure to thoroughly wash the product and scorch the skin if necessary.
  3. The bacon was soft and juicy after salting, it must be pre-soaked or boiled in brine water at room temperature for half a day.
  4. Fat very quickly absorb odors. If you are buying you put it in one package with the fish, get rid of the obvious fishy smell, you will be able, for a few hours soaking the bacon in boiling water with a chopped clove of garlic. Pre-wrap it in thin cloth (cheesecloth will do).
  5. Condiment for salting bacon, use large sea salt or table salt, it is able not only to salt the product, but also out excess water and also to preserve all the useful properties of the product.
  6. Don’t be afraid to overdo the fat, it’s impossible! The product absorbs so much spice and salt as needed. If you find that a little salt, remove the fat and re-pasalita.
  7. Do not store the lard in the light, so the slices will quickly turn yellow.
  8. To zaselyatsya fat should only refrigerated and it is best under pressure.

How to speed up the pickling process

If you really want home the bacon, and process the pickles for a long period, but the patience to wait for weeks is not enough, use the following guidelines.

Speed cooking homemade lard depends primarily on the thickness of slices of bacon, and not from the amount of salt. To eat fat the next day, just chop the product into small squares, slices with a size of 5×5 cm and use any fancy recipe for salting.
Another useful advice from experienced Housewives: salt the product a day at room temperature. Such «daily» fat “caught up” faster.

Fat is a very useful product and is simply irreplaceable for people who love pork. Bacon can be fried, adding to the scrambled eggs, in salads, use it as filling for meat, minced meat, to cook different dishes.

Than good fat

Fat in moderation is very useful, because it has high caloric value, and therefore is able to envelop the walls of the stomach and improve the digestive tract. By eating fats during noisy parties and feasts of the stomach wall are protected from the negative effects of alcohol.

Fat can strengthen the immune system. Eat it with garlic in the winter, and your body will tell you “thank you”! It is useful to do of fat and the garlic bread hut, which kills the catarrhal germs and microbes.
This product brings to our body of these harmful substances, such as cholesterol and heavy metals.
Useful properties have only homemade lard from healthy animals, so carefully choose the product and carefully follow the technology of salting. The salting of bacon mainly to carry out the sea salt, so the product better get soggy and will not taste bitter.
How to cure bacon in brine, in detail describes the step-by-step video master class:


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