How to look at Earth from satellite in real time

To see the Earth from a satellite in real time became possible thanks to modern computer technology. There are sites that show taken satellite pictures of the Earth in a variety of formats.

Как посмотреть на Землю со спутника в реальном времени

You will need

  • — access to the Internet.


1. Go to the website This project publishes images from low-orbit and geostationary meteorological satellites. Also, it is the reception of images in real-time. Photos are published after the end of data reception. On this resource you have the opportunity to look at imagery in formats APT or HRPT. They differ in the frequency transmission range and resolution of the images.

2. To see photos of the Earth from satellites in HRPT format, click the appropriate link, located in the Central part of the main page. You will see the page with the images. Each of them will have the date of the appointment, the exact time of the shooting (Moscow time) and the name of the photographed places.

3. You can also see pictures of the Earth format APT. To this end click on another link, near the above. In addition, the resource provides the opportunity to see pictures from the satellite METEOSAT 7.

4. In the «Interesting photos» you can find pictures of various events taking place on Earth at one time or another (the picture of the solar wind, a strong magnetic storm, volcanic eruption, etc.).

5. The practical benefit of such projects is very high. The pictures transmitted from the satellite in real-time help to perform rapid sensing of the earth, remote monitoring of the atmosphere, allow you to predict the weather and tracking different weather phenomena.

6. Polar-orbiting NOAA satellites are at an altitude of approximately 800 km above the earth. The orbit trajectory of the aircraft passes through both poles. With each stage biased by the previous one, it occurs after the offset of the illuminated part of the Earth’s surface. As a result, the more satellites are located above the illuminated surface. So during the day there is a possibility to accept up to ten images from satellite at night – two to three photos.

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