How to convert from cubic meters to tonnes

The transfer of the units determine the volume in units of weight very easily, because it all depends on the substance from which made the object. To the aid can always come physics course at grade 8. regular secondary school.

Как перевести из кубических метров в тонны

You will need

  • To know the density of that substance, the volume of the body which need to be converted into tons.


1. In physics the mass m of a body can be defined by multiplication of volume of the body V on its density p:
m = p*V.
The volume of the solid is given. Unknown density of the body. But to know it is easy because it is easy to find from the table the density of various substances, liquid, solid, bulk.
Example. Need to move 6 cubic meters of sand in a ton. The density of sand, according to the table is 1200 — 1700 kg/cubic meter. For example, the sand consisting of small particles, it is used in architectural works when decorating, its density is 1700 kg/ cubic meter. Then the mass is calculated as follows:
m = 1700*6=9420 kg., or 9 tons and 420 pounds.

Как перевести из кубических метров в тонны

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