How to calculate percentage on a calculator

To calculate the percent often. For example, to determine the overpayment on the loan or to calculate a penalty for delay, or to know the amount of gross profit of the company, knowing its turnover and trading margin. Like many tasks in everyday life. It would be funny every time to make the proportions and percentages in columns. In addition, for calculations we do not need a complex programmable calculator.

Как посчитать проценты на калькуляторе


1. Clearly specify the problem statement. For example, we need to find 7% of the number 594.

2. Type on the calculator the number from which we need to calculate the interest. In our case, the dialed 594.

3. Click the «X». This is the multiplication button. Do not confuse it with the button «+» (addition).

4. Enter the percentage. In our case, type the number 7.

5. Press «%». It is a designation of interest. Anything else don’t type it, no characters «=» (equal). The calculator immediately shows the calculated value. In this case it figure is therefore 41.79. Thus, 7% of 594 = therefore 41.79.

6. Press «C». This is the reset button, it is highlighted. The calculator is reset and you can do the following computation.

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