How can I find out who called by phone number, free

Sudden and frequent anonymous phone calls make you think about how free of charge to find out who called by phone number. There are simple and affordable ways to figure out the identity of the caller and cease his hooligan or fraudulent activity.

Можно узнать, кто звонил по номеру телефона, бесплатно


1. There are often situations when a person notices on your mobile missed call from unknown caller, so I want to know who called by phone number. In this case, see what digits is the room of a stranger. In the beginning it will be three digits indicating the operator code, and can figure out what city you called. This code can be entered in any Internet search engine and obtain information about the operator and approximate locality.

2. You can try to Google the whole room. Perhaps, data on its owner are one of the online databases. Currently there are special sites and forums on which either provides information about the suspicious numbers, or specialists in the field of mobile services help to figure out the identity of the caller. Here the important thing is not to trust the first comer and to apply only to trusted people with real reviews.

3. In that case, if the room, most likely registered in your city or area, feel free to call him with your primary or secondary SIM card (for security purposes) and require the caller to introduce themselves and to inform about the purpose of their calls. Maybe someone just made a mistake, but sometimes, no answer or just hangs up upon hearing the demanding voice. Some try to «speak» the man trying to involve him in a fraudulent situation. Do not enter any gimmicks, and immediately report the incident to the police.

4. If you want to know who called by phone number but the number is hidden, contact salon connection of your operator or call customer support. The following options here: you can connect the special options with which the caller ID of the caller is not able to work, and the next time you call you will see his number; another option is to ask the operator to block this number that will prevent any attempts of scammers to call you.

5. Be sure to have all the rooms of their relatives, friends and employees, as well as the numbers of institutions and companies, where you are (banks, shops, etc.). Today divorced many scams, specifically looking for rooms similar to those that often call people, then call him with them, trying to «breed» for money. Even if you say that someone you know is in trouble, you should first contact that person or their family before you provide any assistance to the stranger-caller.

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