How to revive a nameless Chinese tablet

You cannot boot a nameless Chinese tablet Android. Starts to boot, comes to animated pictures download, then it stops and does not load further. Or it enters an infinite loop of switching on and rebooting. What to do? How to withdraw from this state?

Noname китайский планшет

You will need

  • — Android;
  • — microSD memory card at least 512 MB;
  • — a computer with Internet connection.


1. Usually such faults are resolved in one way — replacing the software of the tablet or flashing. And here it would seem simple, but we know little about the tablet. He is nameless to find any information on its name it is impossible. So the first thing you need to determine what processor this device works. You have to climb inside the tablet.
Design tablets can be very different, so here we can confine ourselves to General recommendations on how to open your model.
Look carefully around the perimeter, to the sides of the tablet for the presence of screws. If there are any — remove them. If you have any plastic lining or insert, try to separate them, reaching for something sharp, but not hard (with a plastic knife, for example). Then try to pry the back cover and walk around the perimeter, separating it from the front. It is convenient to do this unnecessary credit card — it does not scratch the body and it is quite hard to open it.

Вскрываем безымянный китайский планшет

2. When the body of the tablet is opened, we define the processor model. Most often the CPU is the largest chip on the motherboard of the tablet PC. For example, in this photo the model WM8850 processor (position 1). This is a fairly common Chinese inexpensive tablet chip.
You might need the model of the touchscreen controller, because sometimes after installation may be that the tablet has booted up and works but the touchscreen does not. In the photo the controller (position 2) is called EKTF2127. It’s also a rather common chip. Usually the touchscreen controller is located near the ribbon cable that connects the touchscreen to the motherboard.
Also look at the large lettering on the motherboard, not related to any particular element (position 3). Perhaps it will be a version of the card, its number or even the name of the manufacturer. This information will facilitate your search for the right firmware.

Определяем модель процессора китайского планшета

3. The Android provides several options for upgrading: through the network, with the computer and with microSD card. The most suitable in our case option — update via bootable microSD card. You need to find the right firmware to load it on the memory card, reboot your tablet and wait till the installation of the operating system. Therefore, the next step is finding the correct firmware. How successfully you will be able to find her, the performance or malfunction of the tablet.

4. Hammer in the search engine query with all the data that you found for your tablet. For example, in our case, the query may be like this: w70 WM8850 firmware. And the first link is to issue Yandex lead us to the desired result.
Read these sites, look for what is most suitable for your Chinese tablet. Usually these discussion forums are detailed sequential description of the process of updating the software of the various devices and links to firmware, as the official (factory) and informal (developed by enthusiasts).

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