Error codes LG washing machines

Most modern washing machines brand LG have in the design of embedded electronic module, which shows on the display certain code generated by the malfunction of the washing machine. Thanks to these codes, the «error» of the washing machine an ordinary person can in some cases fix itself without resorting to calling a specialist. If unable to repair the washing machine, these codes will greatly help to reduce the time of Troubleshooting to an authorized service center.

Коды ошибок стиральных машин

If the digital display lit dE code, it means that the boot door is not closed tightly or snugly to the body. To reset this code you must re-close the door of the machine. If that doesn’t work, the door lock has failed or the electronic module.

Cl code comes on, if the washing machine is included a mode «protection against children». To exit this mode within a couple of seconds hold down the «lock».

Code IE indicates that the tank is not receiving water or while filling the tank is more than 4 minutes. The reasons of such a failure can be as simple lack of water in the line or low pressure and breakage of the water valve or water level sensor.

Code PE lights up on the display if washer has not filled with water to a maximum of 25 minutes. Causes: malfunction of the water level sensor or the lack of normal line pressure.

If the water level in the tank has exceeded the maximum value, error code FE. Most likely have a defective water level switch or water valve.

If the water from the drum is not discharged within 5 minutes, the display lights up code OE. It indicates the clogging of the drain system of the washing machine, or a failure of the drain pump.

Code UE indicates that the broken balancing of the rotor drum. In 90 percent of cases, this error helps uniform distribution of linen in the drum. If the distribution of clothes was not helping, this error indicates the malfunction of the drive of the drum. In most cases there is destruction of the bearings installed on the rotor drum.

If the water temperature reaches the maximum value, the display shows code TE. That a fault on the temperature sensor.

LE code appears when error lock. In 90% cases this error appears when a low voltage. Other fault can be failure of the motor or the controller of the washing machine.

If the motor of the washing machine becomes overloaded for 2 minutes, the display will change to code CE. This error is eliminated if we remove the clothes from the boot of the drum and evenly distribute the remaining.

If water leaks into the tray will light up E1 code. This error is indicative of the tightness of the loading drum or the tightness of the connecting hoses.

If there is a fault code the heating element lights up HE. Eliminates the replacement of the heating element or elements of his power.

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