How to download music on iPhone from computer

If to record music from your computer to a normal mobile phone is quite easy connection via cable, for iPhone you will need specifically for this program.

Как закачать музыку на iPhone с компьютера


1. On the PC, launch your Internet browser. Go to the official website of Apple, iPhone developer, at the address Next, go to the iPod section and click on Download iTunes. On the opened page, specify relevant options and click Download Now. Will start the process of downloading the installation file to install the application. It is necessary to record multimedia data on the iPod and the iPhone.

2. Double-click the file after downloading it. Specify the desired location to install the program and wait until the process is complete. After that run the application.

3. Next make connecting your iPhone to the computer. For this purpose one end of the USB cable to connect to the appropriate phone connector and the other end to the USB port of the system unit.

4. To add music to iPhone in iTunes create a new playlist. To do this, select the menu «File» –> «New playlist». Next, using the interface of the program itself or the operating system Explorer add in a window created by playlist the music files. Wait until they are fully copied.

5. Then click on the tab «Music» in the iTunes interface. After that, select «Sync music» and click «Apply». After the process is finished, all selected music will be recorded on the iPhone.

6. You can create multiple playlists for ease of listening to music on the iPhone. Exactly the same as created in the program, when the synchronization will be created on the phone.

7. For convenience, sync music, select the interface in iTunes edit – > Preferences – > Advanced – > General. Then next to «copy to iTunes Music folder when adding to library» check box.

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