Molecule 01 Perfume

Духи Молекула 01

Perfume Molecule 01 is one of the first and most popular of niche and selective fragrances. It was presented to the public in 2006, and its inventor became the perfumer Geza Schoen.

The Aroma Of Molecule 01

The secret of the perfume Molecule 01 is that its composition is only one component artificially synthesized molecule ISO E Super (Iso E Super). She has the ability to open up the skin different effects and also has effects similar to the effect of pheromones. That is, people using as a scent Molecule 01, it seems to others more cute and attractive. The identity of the spirits of Molecule number 1 manifests itself in the fact that not everyone can feel this aroma, it all depends on the sensitivity of the receptors, and smell for each sounds differently.

Properties of Molecule 01 perfume

Since the composition of the perfume Molecule 01 is just the same, wonderful molecule ISO E Super, as well as water and alcohol, and fragrance properties are dictated exactly by this substance. One of the most amazing is the ability to open up on the skin. That is, on a test paper strip in the store, you can not feel absolutely nothing, except the smell of alcohol, but if the perfume on hand, you will feel their unique flavor. Духи Молекула 01
Its smell can vary throughout the day depending on the skin temperature and the air in the room or on the street, the amount of time spent on the skin, interaction with other fragrances. By the way, this ability to interact allows the Molecule 01 to enhance all the smells from previously remaining in the body, for example, aroma shower gel, previously used spirits or even onions and garlic. The aroma of this niche perfume is very persistent, he could stay on the skin and clothing for several days, but if you use it constantly, there will be a cumulative effect. Molecule 01, unlike the 2 room collection, more fresh and light fragrance, so are well suited for use in the warmer months.

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