What is the sample from white gold?

Какая проба у белого золота?

White gold is becoming more and more popular as a material for making jewelry. Not only masters, but consumers rated it excellent appearance and durability. But many buyers when choosing a care what the sample shall stand on the items of white gold.

What are the samples from white gold?

As you know, pure gold is very soft and not resistant to mechanical damage metal. Therefore, for jewellery are increasingly using alloys of different metals with gold, which gives them strength. The sample shows how much pure gold is used in some jewelry alloys. The higher it is the softer metal.

For the production of white gold to pure gold are platinum, palladium, silver, zinc and even Nickel (although the latter is banned in many countries as harmful to health). It is these metals that give the alloy a white color. So, there are several variants of the sample for white gold: 375 (that is, the alloy contains 37.5% of pure gold), 500 (50 %), 585 (58,5 %), 750 (75 %) and 958 (95.8 per cent). For the manufacture of jewelry are mostly alloys with 585 and 750 sample, since they have the most optimal ratio between the number of the main precious metal (which affects the price of the product) and other substances (which affects its strength and durability).

What is the sample from white gold better?

What looks like the sample on the white gold, does not differ from the stigma that is placed on products familiar to us pink or yellow. But with the determination of the best samples of white gold can be difficult. The thing is, at first glance it seems that the more gold in the decoration, the better. That is, 750 is a priori better 585. But this is not always the case.

Какая проба у белого золота?
The sample takes into account only the share of gold in the alloy, but says nothing about other metals used in it. If the alloy consists of gold and platinum or gold and palladium, gold 585 will cost more and be valued higher than 750 gold alloy with the addition of zinc, silver and Nickel. Externally, the decoration will not be any different, usually the difference in metals is reflected in the price. But in order not to fall into the trap of purchasing a piece of jewelry made of alloy with silver and zinc in the price of precious metal with platinum, you must trust the jewelry company where you purchased the decoration, or ask a confirming word of the seller documents. You can also order an independent examination.

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