How to make a card with flowers from the blotting paper

Stylized flowers out of colored blotting paper is useful for beautiful and original cards with congratulations. Color postcards can be chosen so that they emphasized the exceptionality of the case or match the colours with the time of year. Translucent through the blotter colored background will give amazing colour effects. Thanks to this card would look even more interesting.

открытка с цветами

You will need

  • — thick paper or thin cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • — scissors;
  • — ruler;
  • — textured paper;
  • white paper;
  • — glue stick;
  • — color blotting;
  • marker.


1. Scissors or cutter cut out of cardboard or construction paper rectangle we need size, such as 22 by 17 cm. Neatly fold the rectangle in half.

2. Now cut out of textured paper rectangle of such size that after gluing it to the cardboard box left 1 see In this case size 21 x 16 cm, First glue it to the cardboard in front and then behind.

3. Cut out of blotting paper flower motifs, flower buds and leaves. Glue the first flower buds. Then using a ruler and marker, draw the stems of the flowers. This should be done in one motion, otherwise the place of separation of the marker will be visible. At the end glue the stems to the leaves.

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