Calligraphy, lettering and typography: letter art

Such specific directions in contemporary art, design and advertising, calligraphy, lettering and typography, are constantly present in the global trends and become really massive.

Каллиграфия леттеринг типографика

To understand the concepts of «calligraphy», «lettering» and «typography», it is enough to refer to the origins of education of each design direction.

Lettering (lettering) in English, literally translated as «writing letters» that brings him to the ancient art of calligraphy. However, a closer value can be considered the following description of the style. The lettering is a way of drawing letters and character combinations, which are United by one style and composition. As a result, the designer gets a unique graphic design with inscription, made personal handwriting.

Каллиграфия Автор Jackson Alves jackdzn

A distinctive feature of the art of lettering is the possibility of endless amendments and modifications in writingthat can’t afford none of the calligrapher. In the lettering letters, symbols, and phrases can be used once for any particular project. Drawing of the alphabet is required. Most often it refers to the logos, signage, postcards and posters are asked to depict one or more specific labels.

The designer can show imagination when writing letters, not using the font, in typographics, and not trying to make everything clean at one time, as in calligraphy. However , the contractor lettering should know and be able to properly combine fonts. After all, at the heart of any inscriptions will either lie calligraphic sketch, or one of the existing fonts. This combines lettering with typography and calligraphy. Select the style, design and the instruments used remain at the discretion of the author.

леттеринг калиграфия

In contrast to lettering and typography, calligraphy has existed in Europe since the 16th century and is literally translated as «beautiful writing», is made according to the established canons. The complexity of this art of writing letters and characters is that the artist is by trial and error and by long exercise needs to achieve flawless writing letters, playing the word or phrase in one go. This painstaking work requires a lot of experience, perseverance and meticulous desire to get closer to the penmanship. Coming from the pen of the calligrapher inscription, has unique touches, combined with a particular rhythm and character.

Due to the refined movements of the wizard, the selected instrument, changing the speed of reference and the pen tilt, pressure and method of applying brushstrokes obtained the graceful and harmonious sample letter. Calligraphy is not a style. This is the technology of letter writing, completely independent of the author, the materials used and historical traditions. However, she combines these styles and fonts, as Gothic, rotunda, Antiqua cancellaresca and others.There are also Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, American and other schools of calligraphy, different identity faces, shape of characters and their execution.

I love Rock n Roll by Nour-T

Typography is a popular design art applied in the field of type design. In addition to printed materials it is actively used on the sites, both for decoration and for promotion. Typography is increasingly appearing in advertising as the main element to make them work the text. So it is prefered when creating a brand, corporate identity or individual presentations.

Making each label occurs according to the rules. The designer selects and combines ready-made fonts, by varying such parameters of the layout, like spacing, font size and typeface. Modern artists seek to expand the notion of typography and include in the text calligraphic design elements and lettering. It turns out the original semantic composition of letters, symbols and whole phrases, bearing certain messages for clients, customers and readers.

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