Sew comfortable clothes for mugs

Maybe in that outfit for mugs or cups not of much use, but it makes the mug more personal. And tea is getting cold a little longer…

Шьем уютную "одежку" для кружки

So, if you like long drinking tea in front of the computer watching soap operas or reading an interesting book, you may need that’s the thing that will keep the tea warm.

To sew the most simple on a mug warmer, you will need some printed cotton (also suitable satin, tapestry, other fabric with an interesting pattern), thread, a piece of braid (or narrow satin ribbon, lace), buttons (1-3 pieces depending on the height of the mug and your desires).

The order of execution of work:

1. Measure Cup, which is intended for warmer (height and girth).

Helpful hint: if you are inexperienced wizard, choose a Cup of a cylindrical shape.

By the standards of the build pattern. The simplest pattern on the mug warmer is a rectangle whose length is equal to the circumference of your mug, the width equal to the height of mugs.

2. Carve out two rectangles (the external part of the pad and the lining). If you think that the fabric is too thin and the mug warmer will keep warm, and make the inner layer of felt or woolen cloth, fleece). Note that, making the external part of the pad and the lining, we cannot forget the seam (about 0.5-1.5 cm), but the insulation should be cut out without seam allowance.

3. Fold the two main parts of the pads face each other and sew them on the machine, leaving one side (equal to the height of Cup) is not stitched. Received the bag remove and stitch the final side seam hidden hand. In the fusion process is put into the seam edge of the lace, folded in half, and secure them to the seam to form a loop for the buttons, as pictured.

If necessary before you sew the last seam, attach a heating pad the internal layer (insulation).

4. Put mug in clothes and find the exact location for sewing buttons. Warmer on the Cup should hold on tight enough.

5. Apparel to mugs ready. If desired, decorate it with embroidery, fancy buttons, applique.

By the way, if the fabric is still left, stitch according to the same principle square stand under a mug in a set to the stove.

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