How to make 3D greeting card «Two hearts»

3D cards will always raise more interest for the recipient to make an impression, be remembered. Do many pop up card is no more difficult than usual.

3D открытка "Два сердца"

To make a pop up card you will need: thick colored paper (the same quality as printer paper), scissors, glue, thin cardboard for the base cards (it needs to be tough enough not to bend when the card opens).

The process of performing crafts

1. Cut out of thin white cardboard-based cards. When folded, it can be a traditional rectangular shape, but you can dream up — cut round card or in the form of a big heart.

3D открытка

2. Cut two three-dimensional parts in the shape of a heart from thick red paper. Then cut each of these parts of the spiral («the spiral» is supposed to be also in the shape of hearts). That detail turned out to be same, fold the sheet of red paper in half, on one half of the pencil mark as you cut and cut out hearts at the same time.

3. Glue the outer edge of each of the red heart on the basis of the cards. Make sure that they are located symmetrically on the card.

4. Hook the Central part of the hearts for each other. Close the card.

Now write warm wishes on the postcard, complete her decor to their own taste and can give!

Useful advice

Instead of doing the base cards out of cardboard, you can buy a ready-made postcard without text inside. Just glue it in red hearts, as described above, and the recipient will be pleasantly surprised.

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