Why not take pictures of sleeping people: myths and superstitions

Space ships and man-made satellites already long ago travel through near-earth space. Man can communicate with his companion located anywhere in the world in real time. The best academic minds in the half step from creating artificial intelligence, but the human nature is arranged so that no one by our contemporary, refusing to believe in superstitions and other superstitions. Maybe it’s not superstition? Why not take pictures of sleeping? Try to understand.

почему нельзя фотографировать человека спящим

Why not photograph the person sleeping: popular version

Our ancestors believed that the soul of a sleeping person leaves the mortal body, going to wander. Therefore, during sleep the body is deprived of protection and exposed to the attacks of evil forces. A sleeping person is not moved from one place to another and not even turned in the same bed. It was believed that as a result of the movement of the body returned soul can’t find it. As a consequence – death. It was strictly forbidden to draw sleeping people, because such actions were taking power, provoked the occurrence of the disease or lead to death.

Mystics believe that a photograph has a huge amount of information about the person. Wizards and witches can read this information and use it to send to the address shown in the photo human evil spells or evil eye. Given that residing in a dream the person is in obessilennaya condition, damage or the evil eye will act on it much stronger. It is also worth noting that for making evil magic rituals of the dark mage does not necessarily have a snapshot of the person on photographic paper, for the evil eye, they can use the photo in electronic form.

Except for mystical answers to the question «why not take pictures of sleeping?» there are very real explanations. First of all, it should be noted that a bright flash or a click of the shutter can frighten a sleeping person. So the photographer risked to get multi-storey tirade is not entirely kind words. As a result of the fright children may experience disturbance in the functioning of the Central nervous system and to develop phobias.

Finally, the most intuitive answer to this question which can satisfy both believe in mysticism and deny its existence: a sleeping person shouldn’t shoot because the photos will look absolutely unattractive. This is because during sleep, the muscle groups of the body are relaxed, and the position of the body may be unpredictable.

фотография спящего человека

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