How to make home photo?

Are you tired of photos, but no cash to visit a professional Studio? It does not matter. Arrange a photo shoot at home! This not only a decent save, but also to add more to shooting a certain zest. As nicely to do your photos?

Как сделать домашнее фото?


Training is one of the main stages in organizing a home photo shoot. It, in turn, also can be divided into several stages:

  • The choice of location for the «Studio». Nice to do your photos, you need to do to find suitable premises. The best option is a room with a white wall. It should do quite a lot of natural light. If such a place wasn’t, come to the aid of a white sheet. It should be hung from the ceiling and fasten it along the floor.
  • Sunlight. The best quality photos are in natural lighting. This means that you need to plan in advance for a photo session and start it when the room gets lots of sunlight. Open the curtains and stands on a cloudy day, because even in this case, the sun room will provide a sufficient amount of light for quality photography.
  • Lamps. Home photos will help table lamp, having a «deaf» shades. They can be used to focus and direct the light in a certain place.
  • Professional atmosphere. To create it requires to fill your room with soft light so that no shadows. At this stage, and have to use lamps. In order to conduct high-quality photography, you need to position the light sources as follows: one of the lamps to direct to a ceiling to illuminate an object from above, and the second to put in the back of the room for lack of shade. And he and the other fixtures perfectly with natural light, diffused with a piece of cloth or umbrella. Please note that you should avoid harsh shadows cast by the object. They are formed by the use of lighting that comes down from the ceiling.
  • Props. In creating home photo he plays a role. To find the right props, you need to determine in advance the theme for the photo shoot at home. In this case there is a problem with the selection of needed items. Before shooting will only arrange them by applying imagination, on the prepared background.


At this stage, the photographer must first decide what style will be filming his model. Here we must remember that the best shots are taken when the person posing for him in comfortable clothes.

If the photographer decided to capture his model in different images, it is necessary in advance to warn her that she must be prepared to change a few options in the wardrobe.

Nice to do your photos, you need to take care of the main components of the model. These are hair and makeup. Do not forget that the last looks in the pictures is not so, as in reality. So do not be amiss to ask a model to use more vivid and rich cosmetics.

Before shooting, the photographer should definitely have a talk with your model and tell her about what he wants from the upcoming photo shoot. After the conversation, give her time to prepare for the photo shoot let her practise in posing.


The key to any successful photo shoot is properly configured camera. The functions of most digital cameras is «auto» mode. It is great to make beautiful homemade photo. Here we must consider only one thing — the flash should be turned off. In a well-established lighting it is absolutely not needed.

To home photos look professional, you need to use a tripod. The pictures at the correct angle would look a lot better than those who «piled» on the left or right side.

Photography is a process, which needs to be approached creatively. Here you can use all of desires and fantasies. Do not be afraid to ask the model to adopt various poses. Do not limit yourself in the number of shots. The main rule of a professional photographer: the more photos the better choice!


So nice to make homemade photo, after photo you need to upload them to a computer and processed using special programs, for example, to crop, change the contrast, etc.

Edited photos can only print on photo paper. Beautiful homemade pictures ready!

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