Impatiens in the garden and on the balcony

Impatiens, especially new hybrids can be successfully grown in hanging pots, to use in the design of balconies, terraces, Windows and gardens. Balsam simple and they grow well in partial shade.

Бальзамины в саду и на балконе

Impatiens cannot «boast» such a huge variety of sorts as all your favorite Petunia. But the new hybrids will not yield in beauty of color painting, Terry, compactness. Low care, krupnouzlovoj, long flowering and adaptation of plants under conditions of diffuse opacity is an important quality of modern Balzaminov.

To grow plants from seeds or cuttings. The balsams has always been considered Pets flowers. Today, they decorate the flower beds, urban beds. Fans also appreciated them and were used in the design of the garden. Seed companies offer many varieties for flower beds and planting in hanging pots, containers.Put me to the balsams Lobelia, Petunia, geranium, ivy, asparagus, you can make beautiful floral arrangements. The choice of modern Balzaminov, which are compact Bush and not give a long elongated internodes, just huge, for every taste. A very showy basket plants to grow in hanging pots. They have highly branched stems, growing to 30…35 cm, size of flowers attains a diameter of 5 cmFlowers appear continuously throughout the summer season to the autumn frosts, long shatter. Hanging «gardens» look extremely elegant.

It is important to protect the pot from wind and drafts, as shoots of Impatiens is quite fragile.

Terry hybrids varieties after flowering, do not produce seeds. Given the high cost of seeds, further suitable instances can be multiplied, will plant the cuttings. In the fall, even until frost, the pots carry into the house and keep as mother plants. Early spring pieces of the stems cut into cuttings, which easily give the roots in water.

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