How to make a mini garden

In recent times it has become popular to create a kind of mini-landscapes, planted mini-gardens. Miniature varieties of different ornamental plants: episcia, small ferns, graceful air, grain look in them simply, and strictly, at the same time space for imagination and a place for meditation.

Как сделать мини-садик

You will need

  • tape made from natural green moss (16 cm*1.2 m);
  • decorative balls «moss»;
  • — accessories for Floristics;
  • metal «gazebo» (9,5*16,5*4 cm);
  • — the wood for decoration (30*23*8 cm);
  • — wire bead (d-0.2 mm);
  • — polymer clay in flesh color.


1. The workpiece tray should also stain in noble chocolate color. This acrylic brown paint, dilute well with water or take the stain. Through the use of stain the wood will not be painted over, but only highlight its beautiful texture.

2. The bottom of the tray cover dense polyethylene or normal package in two layers. Secure the corners of the film, cementing their stationery stapler.

3. To through side openings of the rails of the tray and the handle was not visible package, hide them with ribbons of moss. Pick up a tape, not exceeding the height of the sides of the tray, and put them between the package and the sides of the tray.

4. Know in advance where what plants and decor will be. At the bottom of the top of the batch plants to fill the earth, and in other places, place the drainage. In the end, the mini garden will turn out much lighter, everything will look in proportion and harmonious.

5. Cover tray on top of the earth broad ribbons of moss. In tape and cut out holes for planting. To land plants. It is better to choose plants with small root system.

6. Wall flowers palisade. Find straight and not very thick branches, and cut by shears or scissors. Collect them in a fence with wire for beading. Put the fence in a semicircle.

7. Now it’s your turn to create garden paths of natural stone. You can take the stones, and it is possible to simulate, for example, from polymer clay. Knead polymer clay in flesh color, roll to a thickness of 2-3 mm.

8. Add a strip of brown clay and mix, but not until the end, so as to achieve the effect of divorce. Shape the stones-tiles using cutters of different sizes, or changed piece by piece with hands and rolling up parts of arbitrary shape. Bake for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 120°C.

9. Set an incredibly beautiful delicate arch and let it bindweed. Balls of moss divide in half and place it next. Lay a path of stones.

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