Why blacken the leaves spatifiluma

Spathiphyllum is a very popular plant among many gardeners, and all because this flower is low maintenance and does not require any special conditions. Not afraid of fans of indoor plants and the fact that «women’s happiness» (another name spatifiluma), often loses its attractive appearance by reason of the blackening of leaves and flowers. This is not surprising because if the time to identify the cause of this phenomenon and eliminate it, the flower will regenerate.

Почему чернеют листья у спатифиллума

Why spatifiluma blacken the tips of the leaves

Most often the main cause of blackening of the tips of the leaves of this flower is insufficient watering. When watering plants it is necessary to consider the temperature and humidity, which contains the «female happiness». If the air temperature is above 22-23 degrees and humidity does not exceed 50%, then water the flower as the drying of the soil and every three days spend spraying its leaves. In summer, arrange the plant small cool shower.

If Spathiphyllum watered in a timely manner, but the leaves have started to darken and this is accompanied by darkening of the basal areas, in this case, the most likely reason — waterlogging of the soil. Novice growers are often overprotective of their room the flowers and make watering more often than is required. In conjunction with the content of the plants in a cool room it leads to inundation, resulting in the roots of flowers are present. If you notice some darkening of the basal stems, first treat the soil with fungicide, then place the Spathiphyllum in a well ventilated bright and warm room air temperature which is not below 20 degrees. Reduce the number of irrigations two to three times.

If the first two causes of blackening of the leaves of the flower is eliminated, in this case the main culprits of what is happening or a lack of nutrients or pests. In the first case to deal with the problem will help timely top dressing «female happiness» nitrogen-containing fertilizers (can be used as drugs specifically designed for this plant, and universal funds). In spring and summer fertilizers must be applied at least once in three weeks during the fall and winter times in the season. Most Spathiphyllum are attacked by the following pests: quadraspidiotus perniciosus, spider mites and aphids. Inspect the plant carefully and if you see the dark points on the bottom of leaves, cobwebs on stalks, soil or dark patches on the upper part of the leaves, first wipe off the entire flower with a sponge soaked in soapy water and leave it to dry completely. Then again wipe off the plant, but clean with a damp cloth, then sprinkle it with a solution of insecticide.

Why blacken flowers spatifiluma

Blackening of flowers in this plant are not common and the reason he can be all of the above. To avoid this, the plant is pleasing to you abundant flowering, try to stick to simple rules:

keep the flower in warm and bright room;

— watch the humidity (optimum at 55 to 60%);

— water the plant in a timely manner;

— spend spring and summer feeding at least once in three weeks during the fall and winter — once every three months;

every two weeks remove the dust from the leaves of the flower with a damp cloth.

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