Pelargonium from seed: growing seedlings

Pelargonium is not «aging». The flower is still loved and popular. Today, trading offers huge selection of seed varieties of pelargonium with unique and various colors.

Пеларгония из семян: выращивание рассады

The benefits of growing pelargonium seeds

Selling plants geraniums are not cheap. In addition, they are grown from cuttings taken from mother plants, sometimes old age, and can carry a bouquet of sores. And a package with proper cultivation you can grow several young geranium, clean from disease, promising, with extraordinary colors.

The seedlings, grown from seed, are able to engage in abundant flowering in 5…6 months from germination. Such seedlings, as a rule, is characterized by its uniformity, energy and stamina.

When is the best time to begin planting?

Pelargonium seeds can be sown throughout the calendar year. But experienced growers to get strong plants by June, sowing seeds is carried out in November. Beginners need to take into account such important factors as lighting, observing the humidity and temperature when sown in the dark winter months (January and beginning of February).

Planting seeds of pelargonium

Seeds of pelargonium have an average size, and sow them easily. For best germination of seeds immersed in a solution of EPIN or zircon (2…3 drops per 50 ml of warm water) for several hours. Seeding is easier to perform in a small food container with a lid. For ventilation need to make a few holes in the lid the size of 2…3 mm. Loose fertile soil soil poured a thin layer of moisturize. It is convenient to sow seeds in peat tablets.

What is more important: the soil should be disinfected in advance from fungal infections, especially from «black leg». Suitable permanganate, fitosporin, tablet or aliina humaira. Not necessary to simultaneously apply several such drugs.

Pelargonium seeds germinate in the light at room temperature. They just lay on the ground and lightly pressed, not prisypaya top. The soil is unacceptable as waterlogged or very dry. Seeds may be killed.

The first sprouts «popping up» in 3…7 days. Now they need good lighting. To avoid steaming the container and ventilate, if necessary, a hotbed slightly opening. When pulling seedlings put the soil under the cotyledon leaves. The growth of the seedlings accustomed to the room conditions, opening the container.

When the third true leaf seedlings dive into individual small pots and start feeding with liquid fertilizer for seedlings in low doses. For better compactness and bushiness of pelargonium on the seedling remove (pinch out) the top 5 after 6…sheet.

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