How to grow a rose from the bouquet: two ways

Soon, very soon men all girls and women for the holidays will bring flowers. But if you gave a bunch of roses, do not thoughtlessly throw the dead flowers in the trash. You can give them a second life, though this process is quite laborious and time consuming.

Два простых способа вырастить розу из букета

How to grow rose cuttings in the ground?

The basis of growing roses house of cut flowers — propagation of plants by cuttings. This is in General a simple way of obtaining a full-fledged plants from the «piece» that you cut someone away, but in the case of roses it requires time and careful grooming.

So, in order to grow a rose Bush from rose, the former in a bouquet, should be cut into grafts. To do this, take privasi flower and from the middle part of the stem, cut the shanks with a length of about 16-21 cm Each cutting should have at least 2-3 live buds. The cuts should be done between the kidney very sharp knife.

как вырастить розу из букета - как вырастить розу из черенка

The resulting material (cuttings) plug in ordinary soil for house plants (as a maximum of half the height, but no more than one third). To improve the chances of the appearance of roots, you can use special drugs, which are sold in flower shops (stimulators of root growth).

Cuttings should cover the greenhouse film (for a mini greenhouse will also fit cropped plastic bottle or Bank, which should cover the cuttings lightly sticking it into the soil). Make sure that the soil in the pot with roses from drying out. After the appearance of roots will appear and the first sprigs. You can then remove the greenhouse or more often to ventilate the plants.

Young rosettes can be transplanted into individual pots in the summer and to put on the balcony or loggia.

Helpful hint: please note that the rose of imported flowers that have long carried out abroad, to grow is difficult because they are treated with preservatives to preserve the presentation. Try to find local varieties of roses. Also low chance of rooting cuttings of roses, which stood in the form of a bouquet more than five days.

How to grow rose cuttings in potatoes?

There is an interesting way to grow cuttings. Some growers offer to stick the prepared cutting roses in katheline (pre-need to cut out the eyes). Next a potato with a stalk should be stuck in the ground and care for the rose as described above.

как вырастить розу из букета - растим черенок в картофеле

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