How to make temporary tattoo at home

Many fashionable women look forward to summer, because this time striking experiments with his looks. But fashion is changeable and capricious, and is cautious about such jewelry, as a tattoo because you apply indelible pattern on your body. But for ardent admirers of experiments on themselves, there is the alternative of a temporary tattoo. She looks very seductive, but her lifespan is just one month. If you have some skills in art, then you may well cause yourself a tattoo at home.

Как сделать временную татуировку в домашних условиях

You will need

  • a small container, cotton swab, henna powder, lemon juice, eucalyptus oil, felt pen, paint brush


1. Put the henna powder in a container, dilute it with warm water and add lemon juice. Mix thus, to make a thick gruel. The larger the area of the figure, the more henna plant. Do this for thirty minutes prior to the procedure.

2. Clean place tattoo eucalyptus oil to get the best colors.

3. Draw a picture with marker on some tape, then attach it to the skin. You should get a print.

4. The imprint of the circle brush, as needed, dipping the brush in the bowl with the henna.

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