Tip 1: How to tie a fishing line leash

Every angler-novice very soon, immediately after the purchase of gear, the problem arises how to link to the main fishing line leash. And the ability is very important.


You will need

  • Fishing line, leash, snap hook (clasp) with swivel


1. For attachment of leads to the main fishing line is convenient to use different kinds of carabiners and swivels (see figure «Carabiners and swivels»).

Карабины и вертлюги

2. The loop node in the loop is a simple and fairly durable knot to connect fishing line with lures or leaders. Tie a loop on the end of the fishing line and leash, you can use the node «g», «perfect loop» or «blood loop». If at the end of the leash already attached swivel, then use it free «eye» as a loop for connection to the main fishing line. By the way, the swivel to the leash can be tied in the same way.

Узел петля в петле

3. «Perfect loop» is knitted as follows. First tie a knot but don’t tighten it. Then, insert the loop back into the knot end of the thread and form a loop at this end. Plant it under the other end and again insert the loop of the knot so that when tightening the knot this end was clamped (see figure «Perfect loop»).

Совершенная петля

4. «Blood loop». The line folded in half. Fold in half again and form a small loop. Wrap the doubled end of the thread a couple of times around the main fishing line and then thread it into the loop, as shown in the figure «Blood loop». Tighten the knot.

Кровавая петля

5. Snap leash with side. You can «manufacture» a leash directly from the main line. To do this, on the fishing line make a loop, directly in the planned installation location of the leash. The loop should be of sufficient magnitude, in order to form it into a leash. Then the scaffold is twisted, as shown in the figure. In the formed loop is passed though the first loop. Pulling both ends — tighten the fishing line knot. Carefully cut the loop closer to the base. The leash ready.

Как привязать к лески поводок

6. Using a knotless connector Knot’A Not.
Any knot is a weak spot on the line. This method is devoid of this shortcoming. But it is more suitable for woven than for monofilament fishing lines.
Threading the loop of the leash or the swivel eyelet in the eyelet connector. Catch a loop of fishing line for the antennae connector. Do 5-7 turns in the direction of the second tendril around the body of the connector. We start the second loop antenna. Leave a loose piece of fishing line, a length of 2-3 cm — this adds a secure attachment. The photograph shows the result.

Безузловой коннектор Knot'A'Not.

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