Tip 1: How to find destiny by date of birth

The figures and numbers we pay a lot of attention. Even those who do not believe in numerology, still trying to avoid the 13 rooms in hotels, believe that a lucky ticket in the bus will bring good luck, choose your wedding date with a happy date. Magical believe and date of birth. Because nothing is more human than the desire to know their fate.

Как узнать судьбу по дате рождения


1. In the times of Ancient Babylon, people were given numbers with a special value. So, for example, the person whose number is two, was considered susceptible, weak, passive. The importance of paid and numerology Pythagoras, the famous ancient mathematician.

2. In order to know your destiny by date of birth, we will need the full birth date, for example 25.05.2008.

3. Next, we sequentially stacking first digits of date of birth, then month, year. That is: 2+5=7, 0+5=5, 2+0+0+8=10.

4. Now you need to add the resulting digits: 7+5+10=22. The result should be the number having the characteristic in numerology.

5. So, decrypted the results:
1 – people whose number unit – good careerists, they work. Of these people make good leaders because they are born leaders.
2 is a very contact people, for them the main thing – communication. For them a great pleasure to be with people, to help them. People-twos is quite simple to manipulate, because they are willing to help at any time, throwing all his Affairs.
3 – talented, fun, outgoing, talented people. The main problem with «threes» is a superficial attitude to life. They always prefer the comfort of work, and the saying «Old friends are best» — not about them.
4 – in opposition to the «Troika» terrible workaholics. Always on the first place for them will work, and then family. People this number, like to obey, to execute the instructions. Their responsibility and ability to work attract great respect.
5 – these people are fickle, they constantly change their preferences. They are completely lacking in self-organization, so the control won’t hurt them. Otherwise the target will disappear even before it could form.
6 – representatives of a given number are calm, balanced, love to learn. They are able to sacrifice everything for the family and loved one.
7 – the great mystics, they are in constant search of secret knowledge. They were mages, sorcerers, psychologists. However, they can easily become victims of various sects.
8 – business to the bone. This is a great financial analysts, experts in marketing. They are lucky in everything that concerns money. But remember, these people are overly stingy.
9 – spiritual perfection – that’s their purpose. The material world is not for them.
11 – the most protected from outside interference people. Very strong and confident, they nevertheless are very attached to their loved ones.
22 are those who are more than destined to change our world for the better. It is the guru, the teacher of mankind, is able to penetrate into the essence of things. Among them, many politicians, religious leaders.

6. To control their destiny by knowing their strengths and weaknesses it’s possible, you just want. Remember this, and be winners.

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