How to determine who you on a horoscope

Horoscope is an astrological forecast of the fate of the individual, entire communities, cities or States depending on the position of the heavenly bodies. Most popular horoscopes are based on the affiliation of the person depending on time of birth for any sign of the zodiac. Eastern zodiac calendar is based on 12 year cycle where each lunar year has a corresponding animal.

Как определить, кто ты по гороскопу

You will need

  • Hour, day, and year of your birth.


1. If your birth date falls at a time when one character replaces another, those who were born before 12 hours of the day belong to the previous sign.

2. Use your date of birth to determine your zodiac symbol.
21 March — 20 April — Aries
From 21 April to 20 may — Taurus
May 21 — June 20 — Gemini
June 21 — July 20 Cancer
July 21 — August 21 — the lion
August 22 — September 21 — Virgo
September 22 — October 22 — Libra
October 23 — November 21 — Scorpio
November 22 — December 20 — Sagittarius
December 21 — January 19 — Capricorn
January 20 — February 18 — Aquarius
February 19 — March 20 — Pisces

3. Many modern astrologers claim that these boundaries were approved by the Assembly of the International astronomical Union in 1928, and during this time, annual path of the Sun among the stars changed and includes a thirteenth zodiac constellation – Ophiuchus. It was proposed to reform the zodiac circle, make this constellation, which will correspond to people born between 30 November and 17 December, and to displace other signs of the zodiac, according to modern situation. But while this solution isn’t approved by checking your horoscope, we focus on traditional zodiac circle.

4. Chinese horoscope is based on the affiliation of the person, date of birth, to a certain lunar year. If you were born in January or February, your lunar year may differ from your solar year of birth.
Look on the Internet a table that lists start and end dates of the lunar years and the animals-symbols of year. Let’s see what animal fits your year and date of birth. It can be a Rat, Rabbit, Dragon, Ox, Tiger, Snake, Sheep, Monkey, Horse, Rooster, Dog or Boar. Now you can find your Chinese horoscope.

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